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In my opinion, the font is the most complex problem in Latex.

Select font

Fitting for screen reading is not necessarily suitable for printing, font suitable for CRT display is not necessarily suitable for LCD displays. For example, Windows comes with the Song of Windows display very clear on the screen, and it is more difficult to print out (appear thinner). Text I usually like to use Huang Kang Ji Song or Fang Zhengshu Song Simplified these two kinds of Song. The same is true of English fonts. I prefer to watch unluff fonts, such as Verdana and Arial, and the body that prints to paper is preferably used with a strand (also known as Roman font). Personally think more about the body's Roman fonts are: Lucida Bright (The Latex Companion), Bookman (Effiective STL and THE PRAGMATIC Programmer), Palatino (Computer Organization & Design), and more.

Latex default Computer Modern Roman fonts have several questions:

The first is excessive use, and the layout looks thousands. By distinguishing the font, it is easy to judge which books articles use the Latex system typography, because these books articles use Dr. Knuth designed Computer Modern Roman fonts as a text body. This may not reflect the font of the replacement of Latex from one side. (Now there are many cases, the macro package such as PXFONTS and TXFONTS can easily select the font)

The second is that the letters are too slender, and the printing effect is not ideal (especially when using high resolution laser printers or allowances, the letters appear to be monologous). This is the main reason is that Dr. Knuth Design The Computer Modr N-Font is in the 1970s, then the resolution of the laser printer is generally only 300 dpi, if the font stroke is matched, printing out may be a black black . Now the resolution of the laser printer has been achieved by 600 DPI or even 1200 dpi, and the CM font is not strong, and some people think that the liner of the CM font is exaggerated.

The third is that the textual character habits of some articles have used Times Roman, and the CM font does not meet the requirements.

2. Install English font

3. Install Chinese font

.to be continued.


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