Interface of computer and real world - programming language

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What is the origin of the program language? In history, the computer is only recognized, and what they don't know, I am going to college, some teachers give us a program that he originally written on the mainframe is a perforated card, tell us a small program. 20 cards to enter a computer, but fortunate, we don't have to anything now. From numbers to assembly language, it is a big leap. The assembly language is actually some of the macrolis symbols in the machine language. Just remember those 0101, just remember the MOV, and then in Noam Chomsky, etc. Under the guidance of the big cattle, we have advanced computer language. The people of each school computer should know.

So what did the computer language bring to us? Whether it is an old COBOL, or the college part of CLIPS, SMALLTALK, or trendy Java, C #, and so on, they provide us to describe our objective world, and then map to your computer via computer language The system is inside and calculated, which provides a mapping mechanism that maps our objective world to computer systems.

The computer language is essentially limited to the John Von Neumann system, which is still for computer systems, such as C language, which is essentially a minimum abstraction, calculation, process, storage of computers. When using these computer languages ​​to tell the computer, when we trained computer professionals, there are still many restricted places.

So face the object language? The facial object technology from epistemology provides a computerized description of the real model of the real world, but in essence, this technology is still a computer, all the three objects, always repeated three words are packages, inheritance And polymorphism, but how much is these features to the real world? Still we have trained computer professionals, what did we provide us with improvement in our inquiry? It turns out to write a function, is it to improve now? ? ?

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