Introduction to MDA (test one)

zhaozj2021-02-08  371

I have been reading "Application MDA" recently, the English name is Applying Mda to Enterprise Computing, writing is very good, I should read it for MDA, today I will write a MDA brief, by the way.

Model Drive Architecture (MDA) is an OMG (International Object Management Group) organization in a new software development framework for pushing after the UML. The MDA's goal is to build a higher abstract development model on the basis of UML, which supports the visualization, storage and exchange of the model, and performs strict transition between model data, and finally generates executable. Simply put, it is to use the modeling language as a programming language, not just as a design language, programming the productivity, improve quality, and longer life cycle of software products.

MDA is a standard modeling language as a formal development language. Its development method is to conversion from high-level abstract models to the base abstract model, and then generate 3GL code, HTML, XML, WSDL, IDL, and other by form model driving. Related configuration files. At the same time, MDA can also provide a dynamic data parsing engine to perform models directly.

Today, I have written so much. Everyone has realized that MDA is not a silver bomb, it can't solve all problems, but how many designers really understand MDA, MDA to solve something, MDA can bring us what, hope to be Everyone can discuss ...


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