50 points about English and foreign language learning

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K] [N g of a r k TM 'S 50 Points of View About Learning English and other Foreign Languages

K] [N g of a r kTM 50 views on English and foreign language learning

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BY K] [N G of A R KTM

Kingofark's looks and imagination (for the forehead)

Kingofark is a person who is not examined. In order to finish the six-level six-level six-level six-level six-level six-level six-level six-level six-level 6-level test 88 points. One of the four levels, immediately scattered, and picked the THOMAS Hardy's Jude the obscure to see the taste of Jinjin. The next sixth level is still going to test, and I also bought a six-footed six-level exercises, but I only did 10 pages, so I didn't have any preparations, I thought six levels, but I've been English. The six-level ghosts have taken 63.5 points, and there is an impulse that I want to buy lottery tickets.

A friend of Kingofark did not learn from a small English, and I went to Australia to read a year and a half. After graduation, I finally met with this old friend in Tiananmen Square. There are many tourists in Tiananmen Square. We suddenly asked a Swedish. I understand the English in Lao Rui, but after 0.5 seconds, I am not me, but my friend, with fluent Australian tag pointed to the map to tell him the Forbidden City Is Right Here.

After Kingofark, there is a need for Japanese. In the face of the "Standard Japanese", Kingofark "," Standard Japanese ", and Kingofark. Now Kingofark only looks at the "Japanese New Dan" magazine, and I will go to check the syntax.

Kingofark has never been seen a foreign language syntax. The reasons are two: Kingofark is not good from the small Chinese language, and it is not clear what is boiled fish, so I can't understand the syndrome; Kingofark learning the power of KINGOFARK You can feel the original original original cartoon, film and television, best-selling novels, so that foreign language itself is not interested.

Father criticized: "Vocabulary is too small!" I looked at the sofa, and my head was too lazy to lift, watching Kevin Anderson's "The x Files - Antibodies" (spent 20 yuan from foreign bookstore): " Well, um ... "- I am not expanding the vocabulary, such as Alien, such as Agent Mulder, such as extraternReStrial :-P

The most important thing to learn foreign languages ​​may be the establishment of the transformation and attitude of the concept. The change in concept refers to the transition from "foreign language is a knowledge" to "foreign language is a tool"; attitude establishment is true to "use foreign language to get knowledge".

Kingofark is never a good foreign language, but looks back to our foreign language learning experience, which also have many sentiments. It is the spot that is touched in these sentiments, which floated from the night sky from the top of the head - As for the frost or dandruff, it will be determined.

In addition, people who often encounter a computer complain that their foreign languages ​​are not good, so this article is also dedicated to these people.

Welcome everyone to criticize and cast aside!

Terms 01: Do you know? There are four language masters on the rivers and lakes, special foreign language learning: East write West;

If you worship four as a teacher, you will not have to practice the sunflower book.

Terms 02: Please always remember: Foreign language is not a discipline, but a tool, you get knowledge by it;

The most taboo of learning foreign languages ​​is the lord.

Terms 03: Beginning more often, you have to read more, this experience is - 0-3 years old; the first grade of the elementary school began to learn, before you speak, you can understand others. Learning language is actually like this.

Terms 04: Q: Why do you want to listen to foreign languages? A: In order to create an atmosphere, not to train hearing.

Terms 05: Q: Why do you read more foreign languages? A: In order to make your mouth be better than others, not for training.

Terms 06: Q: How can I have a foreign language? Answer: Expressive timeless time; happy time is not tired of SMS; 羡 别 别 外 语 学 学 学;;; 时间 时间 时间;;;;;;;;;; 时间 时间 时间;;;; ; ...

If anyone complained that there is no time to learn foreign languages, you will recommend him to see "Time briefing" - this kind of people don't have time to say that I have no time.

Terms 07: Q: How to learn foreign languages? A: We never learn foreign languages, we are only familiar with usage.

Terms 08: Learn English, listen to the "English 900" of the US version of the original sound, see "Everyone speaks English Let's Talk In English" "New Concept English";

"ENGLISH 900" is very old, now it seems that it is not 100% practical spoken language, but not in many readings now, but its unparalleled value is beautiful, smooth, and frustrated.

Junior high school kingofark hit "Everyone speaks English Let's Talk in English", and I feel that all can be so interesting for the first time.

"New Concept English" is a classic in classics, without more introduction. Its most amazing power is in the English humor that runs through the book.

These are listening books that do not release their hands in the Kingofark Middle School. Although the English resource is now endless, the real classic is from time to time. You may wish to listen to it.

Terms 09: Book an interested newspaper, buy a magazine that is meaningful;

For example, "21st Report", such as "Japanese New Dan". It's not all, but you have to develop a habit. It should be habitually used to sleep with eating.

Terpall 10: Fun English "Melon Essential Diseases" Theory: Melon, Smelon, Bean;

Terms 11: The grammar book is used to check, not used - language is just the tool you learn, not the object of learning;

Terms 12: Use the original foreign language dictionary as soon as possible;

Learn foreign language seems to have a bicycle. The bilingual translation dictionary seems to begin schools, and the small auxiliary rounds installed on both sides of the rear wheel are now useful. After a bit balance, it will feel that they are hindering. The original foreign language dictionary seems to be a bicycle's faucet. I have no balance if I don't control it. After you master it, you can go to any direction.

Terms 13: Foreign language exams and foreign language learning is completely two things, if you can only control their one, it is best to choose the latter;

Terms 14: Say "no" to the boring textbook;

Terms 15: The power of learning foreign languages ​​is only one: interest in other things;

If someone claims that it is not interested in foreign languages, it is either his foreign language does not work, or he is blowing.

Terms 16: Start from the part of interest;

Kingofark is relatively wide, moving cartoons are one of them. An animated DVD with a Japanese subtitles is the most pleasant thing. As for Europe and America, it will read English subtitles, because Chinese subtitles translate too bad - please the underground factory, give some professionalism?

Terms 17: Lazy people like to say: "I started reading foreign languages ​​from tomorrow."

Terms 19: When the lazy person is reading foreign languages ​​in other people;

Terms 20: Lazy people like: "I am busy, where have time to listen to foreign languages!" - What is your Walkman / Discman / MP3 / MD?

Terms 21: Lazy people are divided into two: 1) shy people, 2) unstoppable people;

Terms 22: Please don't do lazy people;

Terms 23: City Well Sites right Ming: There is at least one benefit of foreign language - you can use another way to swear;

Terms 24: Don't stick to grammar - you know that grammar is human custom;

Terms 25: There is a wrong point of view: because the syntax is like this, this sentence is like this;

Terms 26: There is a correct point of view: because this sentence is like this, the syntax is stated in this;

Terms 27: Remember the hipster words in your heart, it is better to hang an outdated word;

In fact, when listening to crazy English speaking, you should have a sense of shame - so old, you actually have to be taught!

Terms 28: Try to chat with foreigners on the Internet;

In fact, many times people are very cool (especially Americans), and they will not care too much about whether you use words or uncondreaded, the key is to talk, can't be too boring.

Terms 29: When reading out more reading, it is mainly interested, don't care too difficult;

Terms 30: I have a book, please look carefully; I don't understand the book, please look hard;

Terms 31: When listening to foreign languages, listen carefully, listen carefully, don't understand, just listen;

Terms 32: The sense is reading aloud, neither it is not aware of it.

Kingofark has always believed that the reader is a waste product that deceives money, but some people use it to learn foreign languages. The same tools, different people use different results, and the visible methods are important and more important.

Terms 33: Please write a diary with foreign language - no less authentic, then poorer, please insist on;

Terms 34: If you don't write a diary, please use foreign languages ​​to learn notes;

Terms 35: Language Plagiarism Theory: Write an article with foreign language, learn to plagiarize;

Don't have any sinfulness, borrowing beautiful words can effectively improve your writing ideas. The writing level is completely dependent on writing ideas.

Terms 36: Foreign language words are not because they remember, but because they used them;

Terms 37: Q: What is the secret of back words? A: Zhao Benshan said that - "Go two steps, walk two steps!" "Can't do it."

Terms 38: Q: How to get a class? A: On the side of the class text, read the Class n, and read it loudly.

Terms 39: Q: How to remember the syntax? A: Persist on reading foreign languages ​​every day, don't look at the grammar.

Terms 40: Q: Why do I want to learn foreign languages? A: Don't ask why, ask "why?"

Terms 41:: Foreign language is an university, you know a fart! Back: Are you smell your ass ingredient? I serve U.

Terms 42: Q: How to quickly master foreign languages? A: Good good study, day day up - If you want me to answer;

Terms 43: Come to the virtual - Great Power Comes with Great Responsibility, Rember That, Peter, Remember That ... We have the biggest force in your hands to master your own destiny - learn to have a good foreign language, completely ; Terpance 44: Come to the real thing - more contact with foreign cultural information is good, really don't be afraid of people who are Chongyang, they are just taboo;

Terms 45: Come to the meat - (so a cheerful) learning foreign language, actually just a living attitude;

Terms 46: Come to the duisy - talk to the foreign language and Chinese mixed, and some people are proneted as "put"; we may wish to think about it, and if you don't even understand "fart";

Terms 47: To talk to foreign people with foreign people, don't look at the people;

Terms 48: Active to participate in the foreigner of the foreigner - always very interesting;

Terms 49: Learn language will make you have superior sense, because you have more channels and methods than others - now is the information era!

Terms 50: Learn to have a foreign language, please consider the second door!


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