US mathematics enthusiasts found that the maximum number of people is more than 7 million

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Xinhuanet London June 1st (Reporter Cao Lijun) US Mathematics Lovers recently found the largest number of prime numbers. This number of 7 million copies can be written to 24036583 minus 1. This is the number 41 Mason pop-up discovery.

According to the "New Scientist" magazine website, the mathematics enthusiasts named John Fen De Li joined the "Internet Mason Sui Search" (GIMPS) activities five years ago, he also used This ordinary desktop discovers this prime number. Before I officially announced this news on May 30, he also spent two weeks of time for verification. The two other volunteers who have the "Internet Mason" activity in France and Canada have also confirmed the discovery of Fende. And in half a year ago, a student in the United States found the number of number 40 Mason, which had a total of 63,20430 digits.

The number of prime is also called the number, which is only the number of herself and 1, for example, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. 2,500 years ago, Greek mathematician Ou Sirid proved that the number of prime is unlimited, and a small number of prime numbers can be written as "2 N times to reduce 1", and N is also a prime number. Since then, many mathers have studied this kind of prime number. The 17th century French priest Merssen Mersenne is a more outstanding place, so the number of "2 N times minus 1" form is called Mason.

In 1995, the US program designer George Watman organized the number of Mason's number of Mason, which has prepared a Mason's calculation procedure, and placed it on the Internet for math enthusiasts. This is the "Internet Mason Suo Search" plan . There are currently more than 60,000 volunteers, more than 200,000 computers are involved in this plan. The plan takes a distributed computing method, using a large number of ordinary computers idle time, and obtains the calculation capabilities of the supercomputer, and the number of thirds, 37, 38 and 39 Mason use this method. A Foundation of the United States also set up a $ 100,000 bonus to encourage the first person to find more than 10 million people.

Job: Mason's factor is sometimes very difficult to find, American mathematician Cole walks on the podium at an academic conference in October 1903, calculated 2 ^ 67-1 on the blackboard, then he put the 193707721 and 761838257287 two The number is multiplied by straight, and the calculation results are identical. He did not say a word, returning to his seat, and the full-scale applause congratulated him. This "non-talking report" has become a good story in math history.

The top 40 Mersenne:

#pdigitsyeardiscoverer (reference) 121antiquity 231antiquity 352antiquity 473antiquity 51341461Reguis 1536, Cataldi 160361761588Cataldi 160371961588Cataldi 1603831101750Euler 1772961191883Pervouchine 1883, Seelhoff 18861089271911Powers 191111107331913Powers 191412127391876Lucas 1876135211571952Lehmer 1952-3, Robinson 1952146071831952Lehmer 1952-3, Robinson 19521512793861952Lehmer 1952-3, Robinson 19521622036641952Lehmer 1952-3, Robinson 19521722816871952Lehmer 1952- 3, Robinson 19521832179691957Riesel 195719425312811961Hurwitz 196120442313321961Hurwitz 196121968929171963Gillies 196422994129931963Gillies 1964231121333761963Gillies 1964241993760021971Tuckerman 1971252170165331978Noll and Nickel 1980262320969871979Noll 19802744497133951979Nelson and Slowinski 19792886243259621982Slowinski 198229110503332651988Colquitt and Welsh 199130132049397511983Slowinski 198831216091650501985Slowinski 1989327568392278321992Gage and Slowinski 1992338594332587161994Gage and Slowinski 199434125778737863219 96Slowinski and Gage3513982694209211996Armengaud, Woltman, et al. 3629762218958321997Spence, Woltman, GIMPS (Devlin 1997) 3730213779095261998Clarkson, Woltman, Kurowski, GIMPS38697259320989601999Hajratwala, Woltman, Kurowski, GIMPS39? 1346691740539462001Cameron, Woltman, GIMPS (Whitehouse 2001, Weisstein 2001ab) 40? 2099601163204302003Shafer, GIMPS ( WeissTein 2003ab) Stamps released in US Illinois:


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