Test questions for a lifelong benefit

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Let you do a question ... Test, see if you have a test of your own, this is a company to recruit a new staff one of the tests ... You drive a car. In a stormy evening. You pass a station. There are three people who are waiting for bus. One is the old man who is going to die, so pitiful. One is a doctor, he has saved your life, is a big benefactor, you want to repay him. There is also a woman / man, she / he is the kind of person who wants to marry / marry, maybe it is wrong. But your car can only sit alone, how would you choose that?

I don't know if this is a test to your character, because every answer has his own reasons. The old man is going to die, you should first save him first. However, each old man can only take death as their endpoint, you will get the doctor first, because he saved you, you think this is a good opportunity to repay him. At the same time, some people think that they can repay him at some point in the future, but once you miss this opportunity, you may never encounter a person who makes you so heartless. In 200 symbols, only one person was hired, he did not explain his reason, he just said the following words "gave the doctor car key, let him take the old man to the hospital, and I will stay with me. Dream lovers waiting for the bus! "Everyone I knows everyone thinks that the above answer is the best, but no one (including me) did not expect. Whether we have never thought about giving up the advantages of our hands (car keys)? Sometimes we can give up some of our stubbors, narrow, and some advantages, we may get more.


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