Sincere and fear, if you are cold

zhaozj2021-02-08  163

A "whoever murdered with Wrox", hung up a week in CBS, the visitor reached 8000 - I had more than 20,000 visits in BlogDriver's Blog has been 3 months. I don't know if I am happy, but I am very clear. It is this big scary visit, let me decide not to use CBS blog. Because I don't want to throw my text in the middle of the 500,000 pairs of eyeballs, I don't want your thoughts to beatted by 10,000 people. I am more willing to treat blog as a private space, such blog will only make me fear, let me feel like a cold, I don't dare to speak.

Just regard the "transparent thinking" of CBS as my document center. I will put those who have repeatedly discussed and can be placed on the paper media. As for you, my dear readers, if you like to watch these 正危 文 的, you may wish to keep this "transparent thinking" RSS; if you are really a blog fan, or ask you to go to the other "transparent thinking" (Http:// But the ugly words are in front, if you appreciate my blog, please give me enough respect. Maybe CBS welcomes some self-righteous commentators, but I don't welcome - smart, you understand what I mean, right.

Finally there is a doubt: Why do I get a word in the editor, this page will refresh it? Is other people used this?


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