Celebrate Argentina to be eight

xiaoxiao2021-04-11  3.8K+

This should be the first full sense of my first full sense, I have seen the German game, and then wait for 2 hours, ushered in Argentina, then the sky is already bright (the last consequence is the mobile phone inexplicable Turned off, many people can't find me, hurry together, I have to find me again through the little girl to my friend, or ~~~).

Winning is always very cool. Although my eyelids are basically a thousand kg, I am still like Jiao Long out of the hole. I love Argentina, and I didn't let me down. That day is the birthday of Ricme 2, is the birthday of Messi 19, Argentine uses a victory to celebrate the two heroes, wonderful.

But this victory looks at my heartbeat, if this situation goes, the next game is to Germany, although I feel support Argentina, but I have to fight the German chariot in this state, I should not play. It was even forced to find the north of Mexico, and the Sorin did not use Wu's land. Cresbo was only powerful and defended to dull, and Messi was easily broken by others. The second goal There are also more suspicion, this brother who never uses the left foot actually uses the left foot to play a long distance world wave ... If the inevitability inside the Argentine is no longer a little more, it is estimated that there is not much ball in this World Cup. . A sigh ~~~


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