I can say ABC (2006-6-26)

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1: Boogie is accompanied by music

EG: WOM, That Girl Sure Knows How To Boogie! She's Got Great Moves

EG: I love this song! Let's boogie

2: Time is running out. No time

EG: The Test Is Tomorrow Night! And i Haven't Even Started Studying, Time Is Runing Out

3: make it it easy on SB makes someone feel simple, let you go a horse

EG: I'll make it it easy on you, if you promise to be on time for work from now on. I Won't fire you for being late ketay

4: You're nuts you have sick, you are crazy


5: You know what I mean Do you understand what I mean?

i Have a hard time studying for gmat, it makes me very netvous. You know what i mean?

EG: I don't like what girl. She never helps her mother around the house. She's very selfish. You know what i mean

6: Dropped ME gives you to

As soon as i told my girlfriend That I Didn't Have a Lot of Money. She Dropped ME

7: a Hot IDEA Great Suggestions

I have a hot idea - why don't we pack a lunch and go to the beach ing! Won't what be ful !!

8: No kidding is of course, it is obvious

WE Have to Buy Mom a present for mer Birthday. Ya no kidding

9: That's close is really dangerous

Wom !! That's close my girlfriend almost saw me Talking to Another Girl


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