To your boyfriend - put it into action!

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Coating said: "I have a very tired of myself, I don't feel very much, I have no strength, very unpleasant and fighting power ..." Painted: "The previous self n't like this, the previous one Very confident, think - "Everything is possible", plus your own - "arrogant" character, starting business, not afraid of "

Can now. . . . . . .

Yes, a person is really very stuffy, very tired, very unpleasant. But careful analysis: Is this like this? Can you change the status quo? Is it so difficult? I am joking to him: In fact, you should go to South China to learn university, maybe you will find different yourself. In Guangdong, there are people who grow up know that there is a special fierce competition. For a certain individual, you only have constantly updated, change yourself, to make survival and development. Such an environment is not to think about it, you only have a constant run and catch up, you can keep yourself more than you can. Of course, in such an environment, some good things will be lost, and there will be a good side and a bad side in any different environments. Only by persistence of your original is the most fundamental.

I personally think: people can't help it, sometimes we have to break the routine, if you have repeatedly think you can't do it - I will form a vicious circle in my heart: I finally think that I really don't work - I don't do it, I don't work - verify myself The previous idea.

Sometimes we have to learn to be confused: "I don't do it?" "I will start doing now" "I don't believe me to do it.", Then put it into your own thing, do things well. I think: if you can act like this, God will not treat you. Really

My dear friend: In fact, there is no matter, what you need - don't need to consider so much; you need - put it into action! When you invest in what you need, will you think so much? Are you concerned?

My dear friend: put it into action! Action now, only action can determine your life value. Only action can adjust your emotions, meet every challenge of the loser to escape.

My dear friend: I believe yourself!

My dear friend: put it into action!


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