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xiaoxiao2021-04-11  1.9K+

I haven't got up my own blog. I accidentally discovered high school and unintentional photos. I suddenly felt less than something, except for the way of photos of the photos, I can't think of the university together with them. The memory left in high school period is very blurred! I want to find something to relive memory, but I can't find anything else! There is an inexplicable uncomfortable in my heart. The brothers of the college entrance examination were sprinkled in the third time. The university crazy brothers who were crazy together were suddenly thinking about them. In addition to a few SMS, other flying! I don't know how to know it is now. Whether I feel bored with me, yeah, work is sometimes a little challenging, the system frame has existed, all business needs, you just need to press this mode. It is very easy to develop it! But I also feel that my own level will stay at this level, I want to improve only to visit the forum, familiar with some new terms!

Suddenly I want to say a lot of words, write it out, may also be afraid that I can't afford to remember. People who have not recalled are very sad, I belong to half a sad person, because I can remember that it is impossible to forget, those people, those things may really change me! There are blogs, you can write your life as you want to write your thoughts, thank you for such a platform! Ok, I have to sleep, I have to go to work tomorrow, I have a good dream to myself.


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