Military training. . . . .

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These days (from 19th to the present) have been military training, every day station military posture, right step, step by step. . . . . It is very boring, I feel that the face is not used by things, it is better to organize some self-defense skills, civil defense knowledge, light weapons shooting, and other practical knowledge. But feeling that the military posture is like a stamp, and multi-station stand is still very good. The military training began to 36 degrees , too hot, in the sun, I really don't understand why I didn't have a summer heat (it seems that I have a good body), after the Nanjing into Mei, began to have rain, no sun (more cool The weather forecast is in the rain to heavy rain, but I have never seen it below, and I haven't had a complete trust in the weather forecast (in fact, I didn't hold it before), the instructor is better, very humanized. . . . . This year, the whole military training is quite humanized, and only 7 hours a day, much better than in previous years. I also send ice cream every afternoon (the hottest two days can't, from the beginning of the rain, the sweat).

Not training at night, it is so good, I still worry that I have no time to do project (my software team participating in the competition for the Software "competition. This project is still tight, quite big, the current knowledge is not complete, a lot of things Sophisticated. . . . . . . . Next, talk about this project next time.

To insert a sentence, my group name is Dreamsword

Tomorrow is going to shoot, wait until you go to sleep, I hope to take a whole target tomorrow. . . . . . . . . . (I used to shoot (toy gun, I can't get it).)


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