The simplest soy milk practice

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After practical and reference, I finally figured out the easiest way to use the mixer mechanism as soy milk. In order to drink soy milk alone, I will buy soymilk is too extravagant. After all, the mixer can also be used to grind the powder, squeeze the juice!

Take two soybeans, use water for 6-8 hours, then put it in the pot. (So ​​strange, when the yellow beans did not make it, the round is like peas. After the bubble is open, I will take it out to drain, put it in the soy tap cup of the mixer. Be careful to take the original filter in the soy tap cup, which is hindered by the place!

Add water to 600ml tick, 500ml, there is not much, otherwise it will be sprayed out. Add a sugar to go in, don't red sugar, it is said to destroy nutrients. If you like, put it in a strange thing, for example, I put two almond chocolate ... then cover the cover to start stirring, 1 minute, two times.

Pour it out, put a small cup, put the microwave oven for 1 minute. Take it out, there may be a slag, but I feel that there is no need to filter, just like drinking green bean soup, what is the relationship between eating some soy sauce?

Pay attention to the soy milk can't drink empty stomach, so it is best to match a little bread, cake.

Often some people say that the soy soy milk is not cooked, it is easy to poison, then this kind of method of cooked the beans should not be this taboo?

More use of the mixer method to discover ...


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