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xiaoxiao2021-04-11  2.0K+

Today, I said that it is very depressed, it is better to say that I have been hit or caught my mind. Through the things are like this. I will graduate soon, according to the rules, graduates should internship, I want to contact an internship unit. I Just look online, voting countless emails, all like a stone seafood, when I am not confident, I finally received email. He is a company company company company, use ASP.NET 2.0 to make telecommunications proliferation business. They I can go to the internship, but I have to pass a test first. I gave me a car network. I have to grab the data on the website in three days. My God, I have never done this kind of thing before. Nowadays, it is more than 30,000, and I have to be big in 3 days. But I still have a little confidence, so I promise you to try. I just played the World Cup, three games a day, too People. I am still striving in the forum, chatting with friends, playing almost, I started testing. I went to see the World Cup at night. Three days I turned into a blink of an eye, but I still have no shortprint. No way, I have to give up. So I didn't contact the company again, I started to find a company internship. I have passed a week. One day I joked around, and suddenly the company sent me a message, ask me. I didn't have it. I suddenly was shocked. I said: "I didn't make it in 3 days. I can't mention you again." He asked: "After three days, you didn't think other ways?" ", I said," I thought, but .... ". He said that" the turtle and the story of the rabbit race, the turtle insisted on the end, or the first to the end of the rabbit, their speed is the resolution of people The speed of the problem, someone is fast, some people are slow, some people are smart, some people are not smart "," If you give up, you will give up "," We have encountered too much of such students, this may also have someone can achieve excellence, someone The difference in mediocre in a lifetime can be seen from one thing. "My God, they are not only testing my technology, but also test my quality! I am thoroughly speechless.


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