Product Manager's first lesson (10): mouse or mousetrap

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When I got off work on Thursday, I just met.


I added my MSN and accepted my invitation to become the second development consultant of 9CBS Blog. The first is to make good suggestions for our blog Host.


We will also invite some other enthusiastic netizens to become the development consultant of 9CBS Blog, and is developing detailed rules, identifying the rights of the development consultant & obligations, and the standard of invitation, the way to act here, if you happen Seeing this article, and interested in driving the enthusiastic netizen developed by 9CBS blog, you can add my MSN: rjchen_et (at) to discuss how to promote the development of 9CBS blog through the development consultant system.

For the first time, the first time I advancing AlLeesno, I mined a lot of recommendations for 9CBS blog, but there are a few simple questions that make me think on Thursday, because there is no chat record for the hand, and the next answer is as follows.

"What is the development goal of 9CBS blog? Is it a BSP facing the public or a professional?"

A: Become the best IT professional BSP in Chinese, IT professionals

"Is there no profit for 9CBS Blog?"

A: No, only requires the amount of visitors and quality

"9CBS Blog users will expand to all people? IT professionals have the upper limit"

A: No, our positioning is clear, this is related to the positioning of the entire 9CBS website

At that time, I felt very satisfied, and I was a bit like the Answer reporter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Because I haven't done the product manager before, I have a book on the fuel-fighting market in my family. I just saw the Côte d'Ivoire's classic book "Marketing Management", because the new version has joined the Internet & New Economy to market sales Marketing, just related to my work, it seems to be very gains, there is a six concept, there are six concepts when the company treat the market, namely production concept, product concept, marketing concept, marketing concept, customer concept And social marketing concept. The product concept is: "Consumers like high quality, multi-function and products with certain innovative features. In productive organization, managers are always committed to producing quality products, and constantly improving products, making it increasingly The more complete. However, many managers deeply in love with their own products, so that they did not realize that they did not meet the market. The marketing manager fell into the mistake of "better mousetrap", fantasy as long as I choose one more Good mousetrap, people will break the threshold of your store. "This word is indeed a portrayal of my time product concept. I have been working hard to think about how to provide more, better features to attract users. Thought that as long as there is a high quality mousetrap, you can help users caught the mice, and there is no more in-depth, why do users need to catch the mousetrap, what is the mouse in the user's mind, what can the mouse bring to users, can not use simple Method helps users catch mice?

Only if you can answer these questions, you can truly get the best IT professional BSP to truly improve quality and access.


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