Ren Zheng non-internal speech: apologizing to harbor, you can rest assured back to "home"

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Ren Zheng non-internal speech: apologizing to harbor, you can rest assured back to "home"

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Today, 6 years later, Li Yi male led his part of the part and returned to Huawei. From the moment from Huawei 6 years ago, Li Yizhang became an enemy of Huawei. In order to combat the Harbor, Huawei even established "Hong Kong Office" inside, as long as it is the business involved in the harbor, Huawei must have taken the big cost. And all of them get a thorough change in June 6, 2006. The two are no longer an enemy, but become a family under the same roof. From the previous "father and son" begest, it is back to today. Why did Li Yizhang think so fast? This is all attributed to the person who is from the person who is inheritance, attributable to his own sincere discretion, warmth of Li Yi Male and Harbor High-level. How did this persuade Li Yi? This issue learns a record record from the informed people, which recorded the main content of Ren Zhengfu and Hong Kong's high-rise in Hangzhou on May 10, 2006. This issue is specially published to readers.

You can rest assured to "home"

My representative of Huawei is a second time. First of all, I was commissioned by the chairman. It is sincerely welcome you. If we are all sincerely treated this handshake, the future can cooperate to make a big Thing. Don't look at your eyes, don't carry too much heavy past, you have to look at the future, see development.

It is a bit contradiction in the long river in history, it is a bit different, and the dividends are also the rules of history. If this rule becomes a heavy burden, it cannot be made. The husband and wife of the trouble will also have a life and death, grace grievances, can you be white? As long as everyone is sincere, all problems can be solved.

I am very welcome to join, the chairman is abroad, I will go abroad 14, I will give you peace of mind, I am authorized by the chairman and the entire management team, we don't have any bending, we are not entangled history. Everyone has different views on history, and communication will cause contradiction. We will strengthen communication in the future, strengthen communication and reach mutual trust. The company is in the world's historic development, if you want to pass, the work groups of both parties can agree, and your return to China's science and technology history will be a contribution. Should not say that you lose, we won, it should be said that we have won both parties. If Huawei can't hold you, why, how to have the next other company. We are not as good as small companies in many ways. Small companies are strong, small company IDEA strong, large company platform strong, platform strong is to find opportunities, can increase investment.

From now on, the first half of the year may be unfavorable to you, but after half a year, you must evaluate your actions very positively. So you don't worry about how to see this problem, there will be some uncomfortable places when you come back. How to treat you in the future, mainly the high level to have a correct view, the middle layer is convincing.

Apologize to the harbor hurt

When you started business, as long as you don't hurt Huawei, we are supported and understood. Of course, under the promotion of venture capital, what we do is hurt in Huawei, and we have to respond, and the spearhead is not right.

From 2001 to 2002, China is intertwined inside and outside, ending on the edge of collapse. When you walk, Huawei is very weak, facing a lot of pressure. Including many internal people, imitating you to promote the company's split, steal technology and trade secrets. Of course, the real starter is the Western fund. These funds turn to China after the IT bubble in the United States, turning to China, stealing Huawei accumulated intangible wealth, and get rid of their dilemma.

Huawei filled a hurricane evil, shouting "The early days of capital is the dirty" slogan, and the group team is promoted by venture capital, and the technology confidentiality and commercial confidentiality of the company. Very glorious, it's really windy, making Huawei shakes. The competitors also use you to restrict Huawei, we face the fund, the competitors greater pressure. In the past two years, we gradually enhance the research and development of information security and delivery management; strengthen the education and management of the market system, so that the market collapse is stopped. Opened the cadre conference, stabilizing the entire organization, adjusted the morale, so that the company came back from the edge of the collapse. Later, we found that it is not competing with you, mainly facing the fund and competitor, if there is no strong power, you can't make our competitive pressure.

We feel the power of the fund and a huge threat, if we give up the competition is only a dead road. If the fund is fully victorious in this way, it is a disaster for China's high-tech. It is not just Huawei. Therefore, let's go, a tragedy for our company's poorly managed companies, we don't have a retreat, only resolute and funds. Of course, it is also necessary to face the utilization and extrusion of competitors. Therefore, it is bigger to invade you and express my apologies. In these two years, we have a big competition for your competition. It hits you. In this case, in this case, for us to live, no competition, there is no way, this is sorry you, I apologize for this, I hope you understand.

However, Huawei is a Central Plains, which is also defeated. I hope that we will abandon the past, face the future, and win a win-win situation.

Cooperation is the real outline, and the real out of turn is to re-cooperation. On behalf of the EMT team, we will handle this problem sincerely. Don't worry about you, you will give you a position reasonably, not only a few, But all. We carefully explore the problem of cooperation and build our true success. It is still not much in history, and the fund's speculation, the fund's speculation, one harm us, we are all victims, I believe we will spend the dark day.

Huawei is in a big development period, 2006 sales may exceed 10 billion dollars, Huawei 3COM, some of the data of the terminal do not come in, so as not to be too high, it is easy to attack, the spear head will point to us. Tai Chi gossip, there are two white fish and black fish to be intertwined together, positive, anti-two sides are complementary, as long as you say you are white fish, you must be a million arrows, do you have more black. We adhere to the publicity report of truth from facts, so that Huawei is gradually calming, facing the problems existing, and strives to optimize yourself. If our two power will join in the future, it will be more powerful, and it will make a very good foot on history. It doesn't mean that the enemy is always enemies. Thank you for your existence, Huawei 3Com has a big relationship with this. It turns out that we have to go to business network and have doubts.

Although Huawei and Harbor on intellectual property to fight lawsuits, just partially, but many creativity of the harbor, developing transmission products like multi-service transmission, and there are many self-developed things, which is still sure, hoping to join Huawei. This Huawei's human resource is adjusted, which will form a 5-10 years of strategic pattern, and the external counter-international competition partner, the internal absorption company is developing with us.

Over these five years, I have not left the company, Huawei also found that there is so much serious problem. When you walk, we have collapsed. At that time, as long as people stayed in Huawei, they were considered very strange. It seems that people who have not left Huawei are not normal. I have said our Team must work well. Fortunately, we are not too urgent, contributing to internal contradictions, and gradually stabilized through these five years. Fei Min also had pressure before this time, afraid of not talking. Why is there bad talks? I am coming to convey the second handshake, I must hold it.

Now Huawei's use of round-value chairman, through the management method of turning the ruling, reaching a harmonious management system after several years. EMT's decision-making capacity is greatly enhanced. The new progress has been very chance, and our two cooperation must have future.


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