I installed Fedora Core 5 today.

xiaoxiao2021-04-11  1.6K+

I used to put the double system on my notebook, but helpless hard drives were too small, only 30g, salary in the first two days, and I bought a 60G hard disk, and a mobile hard disk box. Remove the original hard drive in this inside, install the mobile hard disk box, and become a 30G mobile hard disk. Put the newly bought 60G hard drive. This space is big, you can install Linux Windows system.

Today, I ran to Zhongguancun to buy "genuine" Fedora Core 5 (FC5), and hit 20% off 55 yuan. A total of 10G is available for Linux, SWAP: 1537MB, EXT3: 8699MB. After installing, it feels good, the font is more than the previous (FC4), you can use it if you don't have to beautify the font. But I still feel that the English font is more beautiful, so I chose the default language into English. The graphical interface I put KDE and GNOME, which one would I use later. Development software: Integrated Eclips 3.1, MySQL5.0, Apache2.2, PHP5.1. New is new than my version of Windows. I bought Test2 version, but I have to go to update the package after I can go online. I have not connected to ADSL yet, I can't access the Internet under Linux. Because I will not be installed. I can only wait to go to work to ask my colleagues.

I have always been a great understanding of Red Hat, and after the Red Hat series Linux stops developing a graphical interface system, Red Hat cooperates with Fedora to develop the FC series.


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