Single Jijian learning method

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What is "solitary nine sword"

On the 80386 computer, there is a game called "Swordsman"; the wind of Jianzong; the wind of Jianzong makes a 9 trick sword, the power is incomparable, and the "solitary sword" is called "Single Jiujie". Increased; the Yue unrequench for 30 years, and its martial arts is very authentic. This is to learn Internet technology is connected, our students, since then, we gradually abandoned the practice of practicing the skills, concentrating on practicing "solitary sword". I want to train the center for all, some people are some people. There are many people who have walked a lot of detours because they did not come to the training center, and they were a loss to the country. They explain that we have worked hard to study the solitary sword. The sword spectrum has a great help to everyone, and they have to have a detailed experience, they have to:

First style: broken book

The Internet is very broad, even if the so-called technology old bird is difficult to say 1%, not to mention the speed of knowledge is very fast; there are dozens of media in the area involved in Cisco, including dozens of media. 100 kinds of interfaces, link technology, more than 100 exchange technology, IPv4 / IPv6, routing protocol, and thousands of advanced routing technology, other Qos, traffic engineering, multicast applications, network management, Safety management, VPN and defense monitoring, IP voice communication, IP storage, optical transmission, access service, etc., in the first time, if you enter the sea, I want to eat all the transparency, don't master the right way, every day, I have a book. , Put the limited life into the infinite juggling; not to be able to learn every day, knowledge is also in aging, the new is constantly coming out. A technician, let you go, you will continue to learn for 10 years, don't have to solve the book style of Jieshi, it will not be able to make things. There are several layers of "breaking books" in the broken book, 1, poke the book, the book is used to check, not to use; If you have less book, you will be understood; I have eaten a piece, then eat another piece, step by step, the skill will grow, the problem is now learning the technicians, and there is a very thorough, and there is no shortage of places. The foundation is not very, the more it looks much, the more it is difficult to return. So the first step is to read the book, or less reading, I have prepared for 1 month after reading, I have to "see" after 2 days, believe me, 2 days later, you know what you know and you know later. Yes, the same or better. %

Second: imagination

This trick followed this. Internet knowledge is divided into two parts, one is transferred online, one is running in the device; such as traffic shaping technology, online transmission is the protocol, signal, that is fixed format, no line of the peer-to-end device Recognize, and algorithm, queuing, caching, mechanisms are running in the device. To master these knowledge, the things that online can be found, the content should be remembered. Things that are running in the machine, you can't see it, you can't snob, read * as the system source code is too low, only imagination can crack: 1, not always, the machine, always follow the logic Anyone who is qualified, it is not difficult to understand these logic. 2, technology is always born to solve the problem, if you encounter a problem, you think, if you want to design a solution, what will be done. 3, although I don't understand, only to think; the brain utilization is not 10%, don't worry about your brain has been completed. People's potential is very big, can be done, rely on excavation. Because I don't understand, I think it is not binding, Einstein is also like this, you think that it may be more high than the actual, and later understand, will laugh the developers actually use such despicable means. 4, start from the beginning, I can think about it, I can think that I can sleep, so others can think of 10 hours a day, but you have 24 hours. Can you get flew? Third style: forced

Many people learn for a while, slow progress, because they don't know how to force themselves, control themselves. We are often committed, this is this problem, everyone is very clear. This is a point of mind, there is another layer, it is too much forced yourself, recognize the dead, this everyone is ignored? So, how to solve this move: 1, forced yourself to read: Read the book does not understand, you still can't understand it, because your knowledge is defective, the basic logic does not have, you will see the advanced application. I gave up in the middle, so your previous efforts were not whitepered, I have to come back later. At this time, I will force myself to finish it. I will see it quickly. I don't understand it. I don't have to waste any time. I don't understand. But always finish reading, always knowing some, you can pan, you will not feel guilty. 2, forced yourself not to read, such as reading the book, I can't get into the door, I have taken the certificate is just Paper. At this time, I only do the experiments built according to the real environment. I took a knock on the configuration. I finished the book, I turned back to see the book entry, it is like college students to see the books of primary schools, will definitely see the door. 3, force yourself to do experiment, learning OSPF, 5 types, 7 LSAs, 5 routing patterns, regional certification, link certification, virtual links, etc., these lights, you remember, you remember And I don't know if the specific changes and applications are, or the sentence, first do experiments, I don't understand it, forced my changes, I've been commissioned, and I understand the depth of understanding. 4, forced yourself to face the problem, always make it easy, don't give yourself a problem, it is difficult to make progress; add 1000 routing entries to your own router, change parameters, restart, do redundancy, close Interface ... Can you solve it?

Fourth form: debate

We are all really in-depth contacts. It is also the scene of these years. When the so-called master is talking about the network, what are we? We may be arguing the twisted lines. Now we have become the backbone of large-scale projects, and it has also trained a lot of people. What is it? It is a serious dispute to each technology details. A good learning team, arguing is a regular thing; the most developed ideological, the best era is full of argument, such as "100 pairs". Learning technology, it is also necessary to emphasize the debate, and the worse, and more and more understand. Everyone learned together, everyone's experience is always the same, it is a one-sided. Because 1 ,: 10 hours of debugging results, it can prove only a mechanism of a parameter, such as the experiment of R IP, what is horizontal, unlimited hop, toxic reversal, timing update, invalid timing, time, time, Refresh scheme, instant update, instant update, update, update, summary, re-release, filtering, etc., configuration skills, how to trigger, specific mechanism? Different network structures have different changes, it is very difficult to clear. 2, personal thinking, there is always limitations, sometimes not experimentation is not enough, but the idea has not opened it. To solve these problems, it is to read the book to do experiment. Anything you must say as soon as possible, tell others, you must clear, take it, accurately demonstrate, dozens hours of results should be understood, others are unwilling Listening, be sure to grab him, tell him how to understand, let others discover your shortcomings; everyone repeatedly argued, 10 people argued, the results of 10 hours, spend a few minutes, this day I can learn the knowledge of a month to learn for a few months, everyone argued with questions, and found insufficient places to verify. If it is repeated, the skill is very deep. .., fifth style: Attack

I also learned 2, 3 years, I have taught some certificates, I think it is very solid; but I have to say that I have encountered problems, I have problems, systematically analyze, but there is still a certain difficult. After reading the experience in work, the problems encountered are always one, the theory is rough, it looks, it looks, but I have to check it. You can do something, but why don't you even say something, design, and analyze it. These situations are very common, from unknown, slowly reaching this situation. At this time, you have to make progress, get a break, you must know what you are doing? Which is hypothetical? Using this attack, it is used to find insufficient, pioneering ideas. 1. Do exercises, such as Boson's certification questions, points a lot of subjects, such as your self-recognition CCNP level, then do CCNP questions, do exercises in it every day, 10 minutes, 20 minutes Can use. Look at the score, I really understand that it will come out! Don't let your answer, everything is clear, so you can use this tool to make you an assessment. 2, we do experiment, after a while, please ask everyone to do an assessment, it is attack, constantly ask you question, party, very thin knowledge point, if you answer your head is the way, parsing, then congratulations You, you are ready to become a technical expert!

Sixth: Question and Answer

This is then attacked, complementary, and the essence is the establishment of a secret overall thinking and deep understanding of technical principles; everyone knows a knowledge, someone explains, can be easily mastered; but not all knowledge can find already What is understood, even in this, the level of understanding may also be defects, or new knowledge is just coming out, everyone does not know how to apply. Even the master, the knowledge of the mastery is only a small part of Internet knowledge; in the laboratory, everyone can learn a lot of knowledge, but there will be one day, we have to face new problems, the ability to learn quickly, Q & A is This help is very big. It should take advantage of the laboratory environment and practice this. 1. When you learn, you should find a problem with yourself. You can't like it. It can't like it. Anyway, it's right to make the answer; ask these questions, you can understand it, you can understand it; I am learning, let them explain to you, and ask others a dissatisfaction. It means that someone can't understand, I will tell you more, but I have to take the initiative to learn to think, to promote everyone thinking, and communicate the results and everyone, must be excellent. 2, ask for a good overall architecture before, where is it unclear, to express it, so it can be advanced, so that the logic is consistent, very strict; this is very advantageous for you to solve problems or technical exchanges. Seventh formula: excited

Inspiring your own potential is the core of the solitary nine sword. It is definitely not in the sword, but the move is correct, but there is no fighting spirit, there is no way to get, the efficiency is still very low. Regarding the potential of people, there are many related research, and there are many theories. I only talk about the actual experience, which is in line with the privilege of privilege. Talking above, the fact that people's potentials are very large, but when faced with a lot of knowledge, confidence is insufficient, and it is not easy before it. At this time, the stimulated role came out. In any case, in the process of learning, there will always have a variety of resistance. Many times is not a technical problem, overcome these problems, relying on willpower and determination; not a long language (yes, you wonder! Square mind. 1. You finally became what the relationship you want to make is the biggest, such as you dare to do a large network of experiments, then you can really understand the knowledge inside. If you have a new entry knowledge, after all, it is still a low hand. But now don't do it, there must be this idea, goal. I have done it, maybe succeed, maybe fail, but if there is no such thing, then there is no day. For example, our students have to do 5,000 in China's network circles, maybe it can be done, maybe, but if there is no idea, that is Impossible. The street and the McKinsey work is determined by different ideas. 2, encounter difficulties, understand the technology, I want to ignore the past, if it is inertia; always inspire yourself to understand it, there must be curiosity. Many of our laboratory are learning * as a variety of equipment, we must know that the equipment manufacturers are not an academic research institution. His product has been sold on the market, * Any command in the system, a parameter is a solution to the actual problem , I don't want to understand, that is, I haven't encountered problems, one day, when the real strength is checked, I will find the book to use.

Episode 8: Powder

What is important in a good learning environment! I have learned the technology for several years, there are some relevant experience. Look at the above style, you know that if you can learn together, you will be much better. All day contact, discussion, chat, are learning content, in such a environment, from all aspects of consolidating learning results are useful. Attachment: 1. Accept a high level of influence, such as starting to learn the basic knowledge, do not know the direction, collide. If you participate in a high-level discussion, you can really feel that what knowledge you will have, what extent, maybe you can't move, but this will leave an impression in your mind, slowly learn the trajectory is clear . 2, the influence is not simply accepted, sitting on its success, but as a team, everyone will come to the inside, the foundation is very different, but the level is similar to more communication. This is what we often speak to learn "open". In the process, you can also exercise well in Presentation, take high salary, just this. Ninth form: comprehensive type

This is not a specific style, there is nothing to talk about, but in order to play the biggest role above, you need to do some instructions. Single nine swords, each of them is not lonely, but related, the power is the largest, it is able to integrate. Such as "breaking book" does not read books, but "debate" requires a deep theoretical basis, it looks contradictory, and its internal contact is like this, "breaking book" is to avoid investing energy into the dead alley, and "debate" At one point, use the energy on the blade, there is no "breaking book", there is no "debate". This nine swords are all like this, and it is strong in the inner connection. In addition, it is said that there is no shortcut. If you don't want to understand, it is better, you don't need to use this nine-style sword method, the purpose of the Jijijou is to do it. Seeing that many people in the laboratory study in the day, it is not difficult to understand this.


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