Man 25 years ago

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1. Men are the main body of society, whether you believe or don't believe it. Therefore, men should have a sense of responsibility.

2. Before the age of 25, please remember that love is usually fake, or it is not as pure and forever what you think. If you have been 25 years old, then you should know this truth.

3. Eating 7 is full. Treat your girlfriend up to 70%.

4. Before 30 years of age, please cherish his body, you are looking for illness 30 years, after 30 years of illness. If you have been 30 years old, you will naturally understand this truth.

5. The cause is far more important than love. If the business can't be eternal, then love can only be embarrassed.

6. Don't easily accept the pursuit of your girl. Female chasing male compartment yarn. If you are easy to fall, you will find that you will miss a lot, lose a lot.

7. Please believe that the problem that can be solved with money is not a problem. If you think Qian So Wang Dao, there is a woman, no money, no woman, then. Women are not a problem.

8. Please be positive forever. Every man has his lovely place, but inappropriate places, only do not actively face life.

9. Don't give the same woman in a row. Good horses don't eat back grass, there is his reason. If you carefully consider the breakup, please don't do any action.

10. If you can be friends with your ex-girlfriend, then you have to ask yourself: why? If you are still a friend after breaking up, then only 2 possible:. You are just playing, and you didn't pay the most true feelings. Or: There must be someone who has no regrets in silently!

11. Never believe that women are in love with sweet words. It is said that women love to listen to sweet words, in fact, men prefer.

12. Please don't worry about your own appearance or height. People are animals, but different from animals. The innate condition is not an excuse to stop your life. People's soul is far better than look, please believe this. If someone picks up people with a look, then you don't have to care too much. Because he is only an animal from a sense. Will you follow animals?

13. When you fall in love, there is only 2 possibilities, or you love her, she doesn't love you, or the opposite. So, when you love people no longer love you, or never love you. You have no regrets, because you lose a person who doesn't love you.

14. Please don't deceive good girls. There are too little girls in this world.

15. It is not possible to think that money is universal, at least, and money is not good in AIDS.

16. Please be confident. You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in someone else's landscape.

17. A big blow, as long as life is still there, please believe that the sun in the day is new.

18. Love will never be balance. You want happiness in love to be sad.

19. If you like a MM who thinks that others should have a good MM, please give up as soon as possible. No one should be good to a person. If she doesn't understand this truth, she doesn't know how to cherish it.

20. Don't find GF because of loneliness, lonely men, please learn to taste lonely. Keep in mind: Even if you are lonely, under the dark night sky, you must have a person with you, the lonely people are different, the starry sky looking up is unique.

21. Anything is not always forever. Don't ask how to do it forever. There is a lot of helpless life. Please try to enrich yourself and live together. Please be kind to life.


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