Reversely, I don't understand the problem.

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On the third day, I will come back tomorrow night. I will call her on the right time. I will ask her, and I really have broken. I said that she is not good, I don't want to contact her. I don't know if this is a punishment for her or my own. When I said this, I can't call her at home, it's very uncomfortable. I and her love is like underground love. He and my friends, my classmates know, my parents also know, but her parents are complete I don't know, she will also break all the contacts in front of my parents. I don't know what she is doing? So well the protection of yourself, don't give each other's feelings, is it because her parents said that she didn't talk about her university? But it is already like this, and it will not have to hit it for a while, and then she can think about her parents later. Sudden changes in the winter vacation, I asked us that our future is always answering, I have a little requirement to always refuse, the attitude is always very cold. Is she slowly pulling it after her enthusiasm? I know that I want to leave, but I don't let me know, but it is like this now. I don't know if she is a very heart-machine person, from our previous exchange, I think she is still very simple, although her practice is very strange, let me be very dissatisfied, but I just understand that her personality is That, I have been accepted. Now I really don't know how to describe her. She is really not quite the same as before, and I don't know if she has been lie to me. I am extremely unsafeful, and I am extremely panic. I used to be too much to be too much. The sample is told, if I also have some heart, I am crazy at that time, holding her nose, just give her a little sweet, the result will be What? I don't want to do this, and I will not do that, I really don't have to be saddened by the first love? Although my first love is not a taste, I still feel that I should have a whole mind, let myself feel that there is not much, I have cherished.

These days are always negatively thinking about a problem, but there is no answer. Should I really leave or keep it again, wait for her to come back? When she broke up, she said that I am a very good person. Even if I apologize, I hope to be a good friend with me. I didn't think she can act so calmly, and love is actually gone! But her later practices still make me feel a little cold, attitude and temper are always very poor, even bad. She needs my help, I am very willing, but I can't always just want me to help, is it good? How do you think about me? I got the outstanding graduation papers, SMS said to her, she didn't respond, I sent a text message. She actually a little ridicule, "It is very good, I am very annoyed, you don't want to add a chaotic", I really don't know people. " The conscience can come to this point. The outstanding papers said that she said to her, she did not react. After breaking up, I hope I want to see I wear a doctor, why can I get the honor and success of SS now? SS may hide too many things. I think I still know her to a certain extent, but now I don't know what she is thinking, I really think that her approach is very unexpected.

I always feel that SS is not enough to care about me, I can't feel my love and intention to her. She habits to ask me to do something for her, but it is not too care, for example, she wants me to wait for many times in their downstairs, she is not very important, what is going to chat with my classmates? Then the evening. Later, SS became more and more lazy to send me a text message, call me, and I really want to get her news, always I am going to remind her? Is it not empty? Then give me some contacts and tell me some of myself. When I was on the quartet, SS was very busy, I was looking for a job, and I have to go to work. I just told her more my own things. At that time, I was guaranteed, the problem of cervical vertebrae was basically controlled, I hope she can have good results, SS is doing this. But later, she was finished, and her work was found. Such an attitude was turned, maybe because she is always alone, I used to ignore me (she said herself, but I still give her a lot How can I feel me?). She preferred to see the variety in the bedroom, don't contact me, "I didn't hear" my SMS or phone. Her own life is also very irregular, a bit of fallen. She said that she likes her own, but I see her and classmates are still very enthusiastic, but it is only cold to my attitude. I don't understand. SS said, I am not the same kind of person with her, I will slowly feel. I thought that love can make the other party change, but I overestimate SS to my feelings, SS is still SS, very subjective, some self-centers, and now seem to make me start thinking is a little terrible, sometimes I hate it. . There is no common topic between me and SS. She does not pay attention to me, I don't listen to my good suggestion, Ignore my careful consideration. Many times, I can't stand that kind of practice, I decided to really leave.

I believe that SS has been very realistic about my feelings. It is the kind of love, she is also sincerely paying, sincere care, I like to use my sputaneous seconds. I remember that she said that a female teacher said that there are two children at home, one is a child, and the other is a husband. Many young husbands are like children, they need to care and care. She also said that many times I feel like her son, I need her, I can't leave her, she is also willing to give me the love, and it is doing. I think this sentence should summarize her deep feelings for me at that time, as well as everything that I paid. But now is this situation, I don't understand what happened, my heart still can't open her, I really want to be with her, although she has a lot of little temper, I don't like it, her personality is not Ok, but I think she is a person I can't miss, my future has her, I am also working hard in this future. Let's talk about two pieces of the two pieces, I am very wrong, I have not done it. I think it is always regretted now, I feel that I am not a suitable boyfriend, very embarrassed.

The first one is a warm foot insurance incident. At the end of last year, I have bought a warm foot to give me down at the end of last year. She didn't tell me at the beginning, just calling me to say that I want to go to the building, I will give me something to send me, I will go. Because SS has also bought things in the agent, I will pick it up, then bring her, I thought it was. But it is very strange, the agent did not charge me. I gave her on the phone, ask what happened, SS said to give me, I didn't feel very excited (I should be BS), but I am not happy. I always feel that SS doesn't need to send me something (initially, I have been very happy, I am in a very prominent position, I will feel very happy, I can't help but laugh, but slowly, I think I think SS does not need to spend money, I will be very happy to use these in her own place, SS lives, I am happy from my heart, far more than she sent me. I feel happy). I also said to her, if I really want to send me something, ask me what I need. I am talking about her, she is there, she hoped that I would get a surprise, very happy to accept this gift, but I didn't expect me so, then I quarreled, SS didn't care about me for a long time. . I later knew that she was very sad, all crying all day, and the mind will break up, have made a lot to completely leave my move. I said that she said in the phone, I was very regretted, I thought of her love for me, this is what she expresses to me, but I am completely obvious. I thought that I sent her a few days ago, SS was such an attitude to me, and the feet of the feet will be the same as the feeling of SS, which is very harmful. We don't know what the other side needs, and we can't fully understand the other party. I understand that the other party's true heart, it is rare to express, I hope that the other party can be sure, but always disdain, no matter what is true. After the winter holiday, we have talked about it. She said that this thing hurts her. She once completely disappointed me. I really apologize, I will ask her to continue to look forward to our future. I don't know if it starts at that time, I'm already buried, I am just in myself.

The second is the jade incident, I have a jade, I bought it from Myanmar, my dad and I have forgotten it, so I value it very much, just like my amulet. Every time there is something important, I will take it, so I feel that my family will work together. Before the SS test civil servant, I teamed this jade to SS. That is a week of the national civil servant exam, my impression is very deep. I went to SS where I went to SS and discuss the topic of civil servants, and put jade to SS, and told her to bring her. Because I know that SS is very horses and tiger, I have to say that I have to be careful, don't smash. That night I had to leave, SS was very sad, crying, I don't want to go. I said, I left the jade to you, I and your heart were together, then turned and left, afraid that she saw that I also had a tear. Things are that can't, that night ss accidentally put jade to the ground, jade knocked on a small corner. SS phone gives me, told me to answer not to be angry, but I am still angry, and I am yelled in her phone. The next day I went to her place to take the jade back. I waited for her at the door of the library. Her face was very pale, there was no fashion, and we didn't say anything. I was wrong again, I gave Jade to SS to give SS good feeling, but I broke this. I should comfort her, at least to give her care, tolerant her, should not say her, I have no real care for a girl who needs love. My temper is not good, I can't control myself in many times. JJ said that I am a yellow-red person, I admit. Many times my heart is good, but my heart is very anxious, it is often a good thing, I am very bad, because my temper, apologize to SS again, thank you for your bad temper. Tolerance. Later, I also want to make up for my fault. After the SS written test, I also found a lot of interviews, and I care about SS (it may be too concerned), and I have caused another thing, and I am not happy. Memories. I don't know if it is really too lucky, it is really a personality. We have always had a lot of bumps, I have experienced wind and rain, I cherish the feelings of such feelings, I can resist the feelings of the wind, but SS seems really Decided to leave. Now I also take the jade, see the traces left in SS above, I can always think of a lot, very sad. In addition, SS photos I have been put in the wallet, I have seen it always smile, but now, it is careful to look for a long time, I am reluctant, every time I have a feeling of humid, but I will let it be I have a long time in my wallet, I hope it is always.

After all of the different campuses, we started our feelings very well, can be worried about each other, thinking about each other, holding each other. SS is in the first time I came to the late September last year, she brought a very thick book I needed, there were many things I couldn't think of: Two bags of sauce (we all like), There are a lot of oranges. Because I just finished IELTS, she said that it is really condolences to me, I am very surprised, I am very touched, even a little embarrassing, I have taken these things. Later, SS was slowly less, but it was still to give me care when I was very suitable. For example, it is cold to keep warm, pay attention to the body, pay attention to the cervical vertebrae. I am always excited after I received such concern. I feel that SS is like me, it is a rare happiness, and the temperature of this love can last for a long time. I always like that feel like that, winter, walking on the way back from the library, a bit cold, then the phone rang, SS said that the sky is cold, pay attention to the body. At that time, SS was very busy, or I was able to worry about me. There are still a lot, and all the memories of all memories are somewhat difficult, but in a specific situation, those things are constantly pouring out, let me hurt. SS should be a good girl, I don't know why it is like this, why did you say that there is no, why is it sudden to me, I don't want to look back. I spent a lot of time, many times to self-reflect, see where I am doing it. I didn't deceive her in my feelings, I am absolutely specialized to her. I also care about her, may be concerned too much, flooding, so that she said because this is annoyed to leave. What else, I think I am still very good for her, and I have a problem. SS may not like it. Our character may be very different, so I can't think of it, this also makes me very sad. As a decision is really difficult, I am not strong, don't brave, and will not make a decision like SS. Always make it easy to decide, I am shaken immediately, I am still very passive, and her actions can make me completely change, I still can't walk like that.

Summer campus, the atmosphere of the abuse test, and the classroom has begun. I remembered that we were reviewed before our exam, just like the classroom, in the classroom, read the book, tired of kneeling, go out, in the classroom eating box. Simple, fulfilling, really, harmonious, beautiful. There is only one life like this life, SS works, although I am still in school, but there is no such thing as the situation and atmosphere. With the good memories of past, don't understand the practice of SS, slowly hate her, let yourself numb, but the inner concerns and love will never disappear.

PS. After writing, there is a lot of things to have, and the 5000 words that are originally found are not coming back. The second memories are written, more are memories of those words, not the expression of the feelings, the text may also have a bit dry Barba, a lesson, after submission, you must save it on your computer.


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