World Cup's Czech Republic

xiaoxiao2021-04-11  1.5K+

There are too many things in these days, although the game is basically seen, but there is no time to write your own feelings. Today, the last session of the brothers and sisters, I invite us to eat, of course, mainly to invite mentor. There is no matter after it comes back, just sorting out the previous feelings.

This World Cup basically has no cold door. The strong brigade is outlined, the only cold door, which makes me depressed, the Czech team has no line! Koler did not play, rushing in front of Barorh, the first half Czech team can still, but still fall behind, but when the first half is coming, I will have an angry scene, The Czech stupid midfielder Pilac made a super low-level stupid mist, kicking Totti, Although Totti took the ball, but did not form a threat, the referee took a yellow card! Then it is a red card, because he already has a yellow card! My angry hand fell to the ground! Czech is over! Because ITALY is the team called reinforced concrete, it is difficult to flatter in his lead, let alone one person!

The second half of the Czech team is arbitrarily, Iron Hannede Wade does not know the tired run, but only flowers do not come. In the last ten minutes of the second half, the Italy sneak attacked, directly faced to the door, and scammed him, and pushed the goal. Looking at the Cuthel climbed to chase Zaji, helpless, pain, and the heart is not a taste. The hero that failed is even more respectful!

Goodbye, Nadvid! Goodbye, I will never know the tired Eastern European ironman on the court! Goodbye, Czech, we are meeting!


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