Thank you for your goodbye.

xiaoxiao2021-04-11  1.4K+

I have heard that the 30-degree angle looks at the sky, which can make tears flow down, but I know today that the 60 degree angle is not enough. Look at the background you leave, you can't get it down.

Once you have been more and more mature, it is more naive when every time you look back.

I used to believe how strong it is, but I still can't control my feelings when I come.

There have been a love to be in front of me ... don't say that I am customary, this sentence is really classic, at this moment, I can express my mood at this moment.

Once happiness has now become a painful memory, I will delete all our happiness because. The feeling of siege thinking is really bad.

When you look at the mirror in the bathroom, you will know if you cry, your eyes will be red, just I have heard it before.

When I came back in the morning, I wanted to write something, but I can't type it, I think about those things, tears will fall.

When we met a year ago, I didn't like you. Over the time, I gradually liked you, but I knew that we can't be together.

I don't know why you will feel like this today.


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