Product Manager's First Class (Nine): Beauty Beauty, Beautiful Beauty

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The first time I saw this sentence is in an introduction to Mr. Fei Xiaotong, the book review of Mr. Fei Xiaotong. Before this, I knew that there were two fees, one is fees, one is fees. Xiaotong, the listening fee is studying Chinese history is very powerful, Fei Xiaotong's research in Chinese society is very powerful, but it is very powerful. When I read college, I slowly knew that the Fei Zhengqing's husband is actually a foreigner. Of course, it is not surname, because China has taken a very nice Chinese name "Fei Zhengqing", and later because of the history of history I slowly know that Mr. Zhengqing is the founder of the Harvard University China Research Center. It is a story about Chinese history, China and American history than Chinese. I wrote a series of books about Chinese history, China and American history. Mr. Fei Xiaotong is a typical Chinese, but it takes a long time in foreign countries. He graduated from the famous London Political and Economics College. The most famous is what we said in front of his doctoral thesis "Jiang Village Economy" is A milestone in the history of Chinese humanology is a person who makes foreigners understand Chinese society. At first, I don't know, I don't know if I have such a "cattle", I know that the cow is from two things. One thing is a famous Zhu Suli to recruit postgraduate incidents, and I found a must-study book of the law. And the interview test is actually the content of Fei Xiaotong's "Jiang Village Economy". It is found that the person who has been strong by the cattle must be a more cattle; another thing is just when studying graduate students, just right and one undergraduate It is the classmate of the Sociology to read a house. At that time, I found some kind of economics and history, and I often discussed some social and economic issues. At the time, I didn't know how to argue with a topic "Scholar" It is necessary to have a humanistic spirit. "At that time, his main point of view was that any scholars need humanistic spirit. The so-called humanistic spirit is the ultimate care of human beings. The so-called ultimate care is that you can't just pay attention to your own one acre, I have to be a little big. To find yourself in a bigger range. The main point of view is that scholars don't need a humanistic spirit, and scholars need to tell Priro's people through their own research. How is the world? Don't bring your own subjective color when doing research, such as enemity or Qiufu is not Take. In order to argue this debate, this classmate almost all the eyes of extreme despise, I thought that TMD in my heart was a pedigree, but I gradually started to pay attention to learning sociology after this debate. Why is it? Why is such a melody? Later, I slowly know Mr. Fei Xiaotong, I know Lei Jie Qiong, know why any scholar needs the human spirit? I also slowly know the meaning behind "Beauty Beauty, Beautiful Beauty".

In fact, any of our work should be "beautiful beauty, beauty", and two days are 9cbs for three months, these three months are nervous for three months, non-stop Reform, non-stop adding new features, constantly modifying bugs, constantly accepting netizens complaining, keeping with team members should do BLOG, how to improve product quality, how to improve product stability. However, these three months are also very "beauty" for three months, constantly seeing netizens "I am 11cbs", "I returned to 9CBS", "My First Blog", "Still 9CBS", 9CBS's article is getting higher and higher. The pick-up strip is getting easier, the circle is slowly established, the experts include foreigners to settle in 9CBS, netizens "beauty", we are also "beautiful", no I know when I can reach the realm of "Beautiful and Total". At that time, I was in the same day.


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