FTP command

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The FTP command is used to transfer files between local and remote hosts on the interconnect network. FTP has two ways: with the Host parameter, the actual connection to the remote specified host is created immediately; without the Host parameter, enter the FTP command mode, then you can use the command to set up.

FTP direct connection method ftp command mode ftp command table

FTP direct connection method

Format: $ ftp [-v] [-d] [-i] [-n] [-g] Host

Explanation: ftp command with hosts parameters, is a direct connection, allowing users to immediately point out with the command line

The host establishes a connection. Where Host is a remote host name or actual address. After the host establishes a connection,

The FTP prompts the user to enter the username and password, and the registration has returned information. Then display

The prompt ftp>, waiting for the input command. The option has the following meaning:

-v displays statistical reports from all responses and data transfer from the remote server. Verbose

The way is in the ON state.

-v allows diagnosis.

-i does not allow interaction prompt functions when multi-file transmission.

-n Turn off automatic registration when connecting to the remote host.

-g means that the file name is not allowed.

Connection example:

$ ftp www.wz.zj.cninfo.netconnectde to 3wwz.zj.cn.cninfo.tenet.220 www.wz.zj.cninfo.net FTP Server (Version Wu-2.4 (3) THU APR 23 12:31:47 CDT 1998) Ready.user (3wwz.zj.cn.cninfo.net: CornerPassword: 230 User Corner Logged In.ftp> Command (Command See the Chain of Chain) FTP> Quit221 Goodbye

FTP command mode

Format: $ ftp

FTP> Command

Explanation: FTP enters command mode when the ftp does not take the host, at this time, the prompt is ftp>. Command

The following table command column.

Connection example:

$ ftpftp> Open www.wz.zj.cninfo.netconnectde to 3wwz.zj.cn.cninfo.net.220 www.wz.zj.cninfo.net FTP Server (Version WU-2.4 (3) THU APR 23 12:31 : 47 CDT 1998) Ready.user (3wwz.zj.cn.cninfo.net:Net: (None)): CornerPassword: 230 User Corner Logged In.ftp> Command (Command See the Chain of the Chain) FTP> Quit221 Goodbye


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