How to make an excellent sales representative

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How to make an excellent sales representative

The primary task of sales representatives is sales. If there is no sales, the product has no hope, and companies have no hope. At the same time, the work of sales representatives also has expanded, only sales is not hoped, because you sell it out is product or service, but only to expand the market, you can build long-term market status, win long-term market share, for enterprises The sales channel has established important intangible assets to win stable performance for themselves.

As an excellent sales representative, should there be those mentality?

First, sincerity

The attitude is the basic requirement to determine whether a person can succeed. As a sales person, you must hold a sincere heart, treat customers sincerely, treat colleagues, only this, others will respect you, treat you as friends. The business representative is the image of the company, the embodiment of the company is to connect the company and society, with consumers, and distributors, so the attitude of the business representative directly affects the company's product sales.

Second, self-confidence

Confidence is a force, first of all, to have confidence in yourself, when you start your day, you must encourage yourself, I am the best! I'm the best! Confidence will make you more energetic. At the same time, we must believe in the company, believe that the company is the best product to consumers, and believe that the products they sell are the best in the same kind, believe that the company provides you with the opportunity to achieve your own value.

It is necessary to see the company and its own advantages, and make these familiar, compete with opponents, and have their own advantages, we must use a festive belief to face customers and consumers.

As a sales representative, you are not only selling goods, you are also selling yourself, customers accept you, will accept your goods.

Ki Nice record creator, known as the car sales king, Joe Gillar, has retained more than 1,600 cars in a year, with an average of 5 per day. When he went to apply the car salesman, the boss asked him, do you sell a car? He said, no, but I am selling daily necessities, selling over-electrical appliances, I can sell them, explaining that I can sell themselves, of course, can also promote the car.

I know that there is no power, I believe there is power. Joe Girar is able to succeed because he has a confidence, I believe you can do it.

Third, be a heart

"I have to pay attention to you everywhere", it is necessary to develop the habit of thinking, be good at summarizing sales experience. Every day, you must review it once, see well, why? Don't do it, why? How many do you ask yourself? In order to discover the lack of work, prompting yourself to constantly improve the working methods, only enhancement ability, can seize the opportunity.

Opportunities are equal to everyone, as long as you have a heart, you will become a leader in the industry. When Wang Yongqing, Taiwan's entrepreneur was started to operate his own rice shop, recording the time to buy rice every time, remember that there are a few people in the family, so that he is going to eat a few days. When you come to eat, you will give it. The customer sent it. It is Wang Yongqing's care, and it has grown his career.

As a sales representative, every point of the customer is going to understand, strive to grasp every detail, do a heart, constantly improve yourself, and create more exciting life.

Fourth, toughness

Sales is actually very hard, which requires business representatives to have hardships and perseverance. "Eat bitterness, and some people have people." Half of sales work is running out of your feet, you must continue to visit customers, to coordinate customers, and even track consumers, and sell the work is not a smooth sailing, you will have a lot of difficulties, but you have to solve patience, must have Unfair spirit. American star Stallille is not famous, in order to play movies, in the Hollywood's various movie companies, I have recommended myself, after he touches a thousand five hundred times, I finally have a movie company to use him. Since then, he walked onto the movie, leaned by his own tough toughness, interpreting numerous tough guys and became one of the most famous movie stars in Hollywood.

Sales representatives have encountered problems every day, is it more difficult to encounter than Stelelong? No.

V. Good psychological quality

With good psychological quality, they can face setbacks, not discouraged. Every customer has a different background, there are different character, the intervention method, you have to be able to maintain a calm mentality, you need to analyze customers, constantly adjust your mentality, improve work methods, so that you can face everything . Only in this way can we overcome difficulties. At the same time, it is impossible to forget the shape because of the smooth and smooth, and it is necessary to know "Leather and Sorrow". Only in this way can you win, defeat.

Six, communication skills

Everyone has the strengths and does not necessarily require that every sales representative is exquisite, can say that it is necessary to communicate with others, cultivate their own communication skills, and as much as possible, so there will be more opportunities, friends It's better to walk. In addition, friends are also resources. I know that there is no success, and the use of resources will succeed.

Seven, enthusiasm

The enthusiasm is an emotion with appeal. He can drive people around him to pay attention to certain things. When you are very enthusiastic to communicate with our customers, your customers will "cast it with Li, reported to peach." When you walk on the road, just encounter your customers, you reach out, very enthusiastic with the other party cold, maybe, he did not encounter such a person who watched him, perhaps, your enthusiasm promotes a new Transaction.

Eight, the knowledge is wide

Sales representatives must be with a variety of colors, and the topics and content of different people are different. Only by the knowledge of Guangbo can have a common topic with the other party to talk about speculation. Therefore, we must involve various books, regardless of astronomical geography, literary art, news, sports, etc., as long as there is free, develop habits that constantly learn.

Nine, responsibility

The speech manager of the sales representative represents your company. If you don't have a sense of responsibility, your customers will learn from you, which will not only affect your sales, but also affect the company's image. Undoubtedly, this will form harm to the market.

There is a three-port to live in a new house, and his wife saw his husband and his son. He wrote a slogan at home: pay attention to hygiene, everyone is responsible. After the son came home, he saw the slogan, and the pen will change the slogan to "pay attention to hygiene, adult." The next day, the husband saw, also took out the pen, change the slogan to "pay attention to hygiene, lady."

Although this is a joke, it means a problem. Responsibility can not be removed, only responsible, just like the one in the story, how can I make my family change more? First of all, pay attention to hygiene and can't shirk responsibility. As a sales representative, your responsibility is your reputation, your responsibility, determines your performance. Ten, negotiation

In fact, the business representative is not negotiating, and the process of negotiation is a process of persuasion, which is to find the process of bonding the best interest points of both parties. Before negotiations, we must figure out the situation of the other party. The more you know each other, the more you know each other, the more beneficial to yourself, the more you have the initiative.

Sun Zi, knowing oneself, knowing each other, there is no war. The performance of the negotiations is not what you can talk, but you can seize the point, first meet the needs of our customers, meet your needs, when you have any objections, you will see how much information you usually have, So, the more information you have, your initiative is likely to be better. The purpose of negotiations is to achieve a win-win, reaching mutual benefit.

A business representative must develop habits of diligence, diligence, you have different customers, and to negotiate with different ways, go to customers to reach the most satisfactory transaction, this is your negotiation.

Forehead national football coach Mi Lu said: The mentality decides everything! I believe that the lucky door is always open to the heavenly rewards, there is no humble job in the world, only humble work attitude. As a sales representative, only the humble mentality, the active mentality is facing every day, and success must be waiting for you not far away.

In the process of doing sales, I found a strange problem. For a newly developed market, a sales representative of a business ability, but as long as he is prepared, his performance must be higher than him. But there is no business representative, why? Although in the sales process, many related factors are affected, the most important thing is what you have to do? There is no first-class salesman, only one-class preparation.

Perhaps the work weeks of the sales representative, repeat yesterday's work every day, but you have to understand that the customers you face every day are different. Haier's Zhang Ruimin once said such a sentence: Simple things are repeated, you can make a not easy. To make your own ordinary, you can't mediocre.

A sales representative starts from getting up to bed, what is going on this day? The author organizes the training notes three years ago as follows, and may have an enlightenment to the friends who have just met.

1. Prepare before work

Get up on time every day, you should get quickly after waking up. Tell yourself, the new day's work will begin, you have to be energetic, you can exercise properly.

Squiring good care, check if it is brought together for sale, such as business cards, pen, notebook, product information, etc.

On the way to work, people who are passionate and known to say hello. If possible, you can take a look at the newspaper or recent news.

Try to get to the company 10--20 minutes in advance, take the initiative to participate in the company's sweeping activities.

Simply put, there is a positive attitude before working, there must be a happy mood!

2, after the company is signed

Simplely report on his work plan to the supervisor or relevant person in charge, clear the sales goals and focus on the day, and develop a visit route, and remedial measures, the more detail the plan. Before going out, first and scheduled visits to contact, confirm, and check if the sales tool belled complete:

1) Directory, order, delivery list 2) and customer negotiation: such as business card, customer information, customer record, price list, phone book, record book, calculator, product manual, sample, product photo, Product advertising and other promotional materials.

3. Preparation before visiting

1) Learn about the name, age, address, telephone, experience, interest, character, family situation, social relationship, and recent business conditions.

2) To keep up with the sales situation of competitors and general customers' evaluation of their evaluation, understand the latest changes and product information of peers and related products.

3) Do a good job in visiting the plan, and cooperate with the customer's time to visit, try to find the purchase of decisions, and find ways to get close to him.

4) The topic prepared to talk, to be mentally prepared, and have countermeasures for the other party's inquiry and killing price, and have a number in mind.

4, after seeing the customer

1) There is a courteous, clearly, self-introduction, attitude is gentle, not humble.

2) To listen carefully to the other party's speech, and express your concern, ask the other party, the tone should be smooth.

3) To understand the heart of the customer, first you have to do the following:

1 must be confident

2 Attitude should be sincere, strive for each other's good

3 In the conversation, we have a smile, express

4 要 用 语 简 简 语 清 清 清 清 清 清 清

5 pay attention to the advantages of the other party, give appropriate praise

6 In the process of negotiation, you cannot argue with our customers.

7 induce customers to answer their affirmative words

8 can make the other party, the analysis gives him the maximum interests

4) Talking to the customer must be class

1 See customers, first is greeting, smoking, then chatting, give gifts

2 Further close to customers, excite interests of products

3 Tell the customer to bring him the interests

4 propose a transaction, prompting customers to order or immediately ship

5 receiving payment

6 After a business is made, don't rush to leave, continue to talk to our customers, in order to establish a long-term cooperative relationship and tell him that it is ready to serve him.

5, after get off work, check the daily work, summarize the loss

1) Fill in the daily business daily report details

2) Check if the business is carried out as planned, do you have a task as planned?

3) Write a daily marketing diary, summarize the working method, and complain about the complaints of the customer should be handled in time, and make a memorandum, and report to the superior supervisor.

4) The content of the marketing diary includes:

1 Description of work

2 Summary, opinions and suggestions for the loss of work

3 improvement method

4 customers' opinions and suggestions

5 how to deal with

6 work sentiment and feelings

6, list the work plan for the next day

1) In cases requiring emergency or especially important things, it is included in the next day.

2) Determine the focus of work, develop a preliminary visit to the route, exclude unimportant things.

3) The customer who needs pre-agreed time will meet the time

4) Sales goals and related cooperation work in other departments required for the company

For sales representatives, it is the greatest gratifying to complete a day of sales in accordance with the plan. But for a successful sales representative, whether to provide customers with a full range of services, it will be the basis for him to successfully sell.

Of course, the work of sales representatives are full of changes, and it is possible to flexibly master the time, flexible to face customers, flexible use sales skills. At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish between the main second and light, the truth, but to know that the only unchanged in the world is change. Requirements yourself with specifications, but you can't hurt your hands and feet like a rope, affect your play. The current market is an open, homogeneous, multi-variety market. For many products, it is similar, most of which are similar, but the selling points have different and different, what should I do when I don't have an advantage? How to complete sales and continue to develop?

I think that only through quality, perfect service system, providing more benefits to customers, reaching their satisfaction. But only the customer satisfaction is just the first step in completing the product into distribution channels. The ultimate goal of the product is to achieve consumer satisfaction, complete the thrilling of the product to the money to change, in order to achieve channel dealers and consumption Satisfaction, in such a process, only through high quality services to achieve the goal.

Before the 1990s, the company's first-line sales staff has established a solid customer relationship with their three-inch non-rotor tongue, through the buddy, request, pull relationship, etc., as long as the customer is close, there is Some sales, China, China, is an era of commodity shortages. It is a demand market. The product is only sent to the customer (distributor) there, there is no thing that can not be sold. After more than ten years of market economy baptism, the current market situation is in the same day, the goods are great, and the needs of merchants and consumers are met, although the choice is larger, but homogenization is Let customers (distributors), and consumers. In this case, it is far less than the feelings of emotional contacts, which requires a standardized service system that eventually reaches a manufacturer, distributor, and consumers.

As a market-based sales person, the two groups to serve are: customers (or dealers) and consumers. Let's talk about how to serve customers (or called dealers)?

Pre-sales service - good start is half of sales success

Pre-sales service is on the shelf of the product has not arrived at the dealer, and the process of communicating with him, guiding the dealer, making it understanding your products and generates the process of interest. In this process, to grasp some of the performance of the customer, these performances can capture the psychology of the dealer and can accelerate the opportunity to deal. Interested customers have the following performance:

1, more seriously listen to you, very natural, chatting with you. This shows that he has a good sense of you, willing to communicate with you, to grasp the opportunity, deepen the feelings of both parties.

2. Constantly watch the product, even if you love it. This shows that he is interested in the product. He is the purpose of seeing some problems, see if there is not satisfactory place, then cancel his doubts, enhance his confidence.

3, want to know more about products and companies. He wants more comprehensive to know the background of the products you want to distribute, then you should make a concise introduction, and he asked him more when he demanded a detailed introduction.

4, carefully inquiry price and distribution policy, rebate, discount, etc., even mention some objections, such as too high, the packaging color is too deep, the same product is too much. Explanation of these issues should be patient, through different comparisons, such as high prices, but more than similar products, consumers are more happy to buy affordable products, so do you not sell more? More selling, soon earn more! For all kinds of performance, you must grasp, take care of the customer's questions. At the same time, it is necessary to understand others. When appropriate, some good suggestions can be provided to customers, the market, expand the exchange of communications with customers, and enhance their feelings.

During the communication process of customers, you should pay attention to strategies. Don't tell him all the advantages of your company, products, etc., so that you have a cyclone, in order to better induce customers to create conditions.

Customers are business people, often for the protection of self-interest, and when he does not fully understand the benefits of the product or meet your own requirements, he may refuse. And as a sales person, it is to create opportunities, and finally reach sales, what should I do?

First, it is necessary to keep calm in an attitude, and it is possible to make a decisive signal. There is a simple three-step transaction method:

Step 1: Introduce the advantages of the product to customers

Step 2: Sicking the customer's recognition

Step 3: When the customer agrees with this advantage, the customer has proposed a transaction to the customer.

If there is no success, continue to present new advantages to customers until the transaction is reached. Of course, not every customer has to accept your product and accept your service. You can end this customer's visit and leave the head for the next visit, so that there is reason.

Sales service - Good guest relationship is the continuous development of business

When our market sales staff completed the first step in the promotion of the market, it has been approved by the customer, and it has been translated, what else do you have to do? For the list of quasi-clients, we must visit regularly, for customers who purchase small goods, but there is sales potential, it is necessary to increase the number of visitors, deepen the impression of customers, and to tell customers, other places very good.

Establishing a good relationship is the main task of sales services. You must bring your thoughts, you can promote our current sales status, so afraid of a little suggestion, be sure to stand in the customer's perspective, think about him, Use your own sales experience to help your customers.

In order to be able to sell, it is more important to do after your sales goal is achieved.

1, "Education" Your customers

The reason is "education", because many customers can understand the needs of consumers more scientific, to let customers know what kind of shopping environment like consumers, and change their shortcomings, improve the shopping environment, and increase sales.

1) In general, consumers are more willing to shop well.

◆ There are new products in the market

◆ Products that often advertise

◆ Wonderful daily use small department store

2) Consumers are more willing to serve the service, and the atmosphere is better.

◆ The first thing to have a deep understanding of the product

◆ Can help and guide consumers to buy

◆ Service attitude is friendly, kind, easy to close

3) Consumers are more willing to go shopping in the store.

◆ The goods should be contaminated, and there is no dust on the goods.

◆ The goods are classified, easy to choose

◆ If the light is dark, it is necessary to turn often.

In fact, in the process of communicating and communicating with customers, it is the process of education. You can tell him some content to improve his business. Of course, you must be sure your customers, this, he is more likely to accept your point of view and Advice, the most important thing is what you can do for our customers? 2) Manage your customers

First of all, I must understand that managing your customers is to increase sales, so in the process of visiting, what method uses to manage your customers?

Management needs to pass a channel to use a method.

A channel: through "customer management card", detailed understanding of the customer's display, sales, sales, and customer's competitions. According to such management card, there is a clear understanding of the customer's dynamics.

One way: help customers go to the work of goods. The purpose of this is not only to enhance the feelings, but more importantly, putting the product in a clear position, increasing the sales opportunity, making customers earning more profits.

Through "education" and "management" your customers, throughout the product reaches the consumer, you provide more advice to our customers, helping him to achieve profit transformation, this is the best service for him. .

After-sales service - Every visit or sales is the next start

Is it over the sales representative to complete the sales plan? the answer is negative. According to estimation, the cost required to develop a new customer is to consolidate ten times the old customers, so only through constant services, they can retain customers to make sales more stable.

1, timely replenishment, to ensure that customers can not ship

At each visit to customers, the sales representative must record sales status. For example, visit two times in a week, how much is the first time, how much, how much, according to the average daily sales volume, and remind customers When In stock. If you don't understand the sales of our customers, it causes out of stock, not only the customer's losses, but also loses.

2, solve the problem of customer reflection in time

In fact, customers are the most important part of the product sales chain, and they convert the product to currency and obtain profits. Only by first serving customers can get better consumer recognition. Customers are a group that contacts consumers, their opinions and suggestions, many of them have certain value, can not deny that they sometimes make unhealthy requirements for their own interests, sales staff should be good at going to falsify, timely The superior supervisor reports, always master the customer's dynamics. Of course, you need to solve the problem for our customers, strive to solve within the shortest time, so as not to make customers' bad emotions, affect sales.

For example, in the process of use, it is inconvenient to consumers. At this time, it is necessary to understand the truth of things, appease consumers, avoid further development, affect sales, and to explain to customers, reach understanding.

3. Tell customers the latest developments and policies in time

Inform the customer to better cooperate (which belongs to the public content), maintaining the information circulation of the company and the customer, promoting communication, and increase sales.

Through the comprehensive service of the customer, improve the competitiveness of the product; through the priority of our customers, promote the products of the company, increase sales; through regular visit customers, timely master market dynamics, provide reliable basis for company decisions .

A comprehensive service customer is a systematic engineering. It is a long-term process, so an excellent sales representative must be mentally prepared, and the service must run through the entire sales process. Because, in the 21st century, there is no service, there is no sales. Services (2) - No service, there is no continuous sales force

Sales representatives can be divided into two kinds, one is the sales representative for distributors, they are based on sales products; the other is the sales representative of customers, they serve customers. Dealers and customers can be called customers. As a sales representative, the purpose of sales is not only a sale of goods, but also the psychological feeling of the customer after the customer is used, that is, to provide services. Therefore, whether it is essential for treating the kind of customer, quality service is essential, and striving to achieve a satisfaction of customer satisfaction is a guarantee for good performance.

As a customer, ie the company's products, who serves them? Any product, in the 21st century, if you want to do a long-lasting brand, the service has become an indispensable part of the marketing process and has become a trend. Haier's Haier-use "Sincerely Forever" service concept, meets the needs of consumers (the service is particularly obvious in the performance of the home appliance industry), the sales year increase, the brand's visibility is increasing. In recent years, medical and health care products have also achieved brilliant achievements. Tian Ye, the Joao Diki has adopted the meeting marketing, and strengthened the after-sales tracking service, achieving the achievements of the industry; the whole service of the first brand of the liver medicine also enabled sales to go to the stairs. These enterprises that have achieved excellent performance use consumers as the company's largest wealth, regarding them for food and eating parents, therefore, has achieved development.

The author has established a customer service system for a dairy industry company (referred to as the T dairy industry) in Henan in 2002 and has achieved good results. For different industries, the way the service is slightly different, as a customer, a consumer, what kind of service does it take? As a sales service personnel, what qualities do you need?

Customer service is to meet and exceed the expectations of customers. To meet customers, sales representatives must have excellent basic skills:

First, understand the product enhancement confidence

First of all, we must understand your own products and know your own advantages, including the characteristics of competition. The advantage of the T dairy company is that the milk source comes from the local dairy breeding base, milk pure, fresh nutrition. At the same time, fresh milk is only sold on the same day and refused to compete. Although the competition is high, the price is slightly higher. Customers are paying attention to affordable, although we are well known, we are more affordable.

At the same time, before the sales staff is on guard, it is required to master product knowledge and enhance confidence.

Second, understand the company's strong backing

Any employee needs to be induced. For your own enterprises, you must have a detailed understanding, such as the company's history, the company's honor, the company's size, the company's advantage. At the same time, we must believe that the company is to believe that the company is the best, whether in the process of work, what difficulties encounter, and believe that the company is your strong backing.

Third, sincere hospitality satisfaction service

The 21st century is not only the century of service, but also the century of integrity. There is an old language in China, "Tong Yuling is unbranched", and it is integrity. In the process of service, it is a large level of information asymmetry. As a consumer, he cannot know all the products you use, and as a sales representative of the company, we must have a good product, only In this way, it can meet the needs of customers. In the quality of service, one will take colleagues, all customers are your service objects and cannot be thick. Customers have different spleen, good attitude, and it is not good, but whether it is the kind of customer, we have to provide quality services for them. Fourth, the mentality of learning

In the 21st century, it is not a win in the academic qualifications, but to win in the learning power, you must constantly learn, enrich yourself, and improve yourself. In the process of service, you must be able to accept customer recommendations, constantly improve service content, improve your professional skills, and be good at learning and improving service skills to peers, colleagues, and improve service techniques to meet changing customer needs. I usually pay more attention to industry information, and provide customers with consultation and service in time to enable customers to enjoy value services.

5. I want to think about customers, not for myself.

Under the conditions of market economy, the dedication is as if it is not suitable, but as a service-type sales representative, you must think about customers. Maybe, you have already got off work, but your customers can't send emails due to computer failures, what should I do? At this point, the customer needs to make the computer run, as a sales service personnel, must try to troubleshoot the customer. This may have delay your dinner, but it has won the customer satisfaction.

According to research, each customer can at least affect 25 people, then, the higher the customer's satisfaction, the more your sales chance is. In fact, helping others is helping others. If you think about customers, you will add opportunities to yourself.

Most products pre-sales service are to let the potential customers understand the company, understand the product, enhance their confidence in purchasing. Then, from the customer from knowing the product to the purchase, to use, can such a process provide customers with services?

First, exchange information for acquiring purchase

Each customer will definitely want to know about the product or service when they decide to purchase some kind of product or service, see what benefits can be brought to themselves, this is actually a best exchange platform, at this time, not only can be fast Accurate information consulting services for customers. You can also get the true ideas of customers, including questions, to be able to cancel his doubts in time.

Second, the demonstration makes the customer see

To make customers have a further deep understanding of the product, the best way is to demonstrate, let the customer tried to try it. Why do clothing stores have a fitting room? Only if the customer puts the clothes on the body, you can see the effect of some dress in front of the mirror, and see it. You said that customers don't look good, I only believe it. Jiuyang Soymilk In order to illustrate the convenience of the product, in the selling point, professional promotional staff demonstrates the customer, a cup of soy milk, which exudes a strong soy milk, appeared in front of the customer. At the same time, your explanation can also help customers master the correct use of the product, thereby enhancing sales power.

Third, delivery is convenient for customers

The result of serving customer service is to facilitate customers to meet customers. It is possible to timely and accurate products to be delivered to a predetermined place, maximizing customers' convenience. Domestic largest home appliance chain giant GM electrical company, when the Zhengzhou store opened, due to the promise to deliver the goods for customers, but did not consider the result of the promotion of profit, sales, the scene is out of control, causing many customers after paying the goods, no At the scheduled time, the customer provides the customer's delivery service, resulting in customer complaints, resulting in some customers to end buy. Delivery is one of the best service methods that is currently adopted by home appliance industry. Since there is a promise, it is necessary to perform.

Fourth, the basis for continuous operation of after-sales service

After the sale is completed, it usually, after-sales service is the next sales service. Therefore, continuous, high-quality after-sales service will create a good reputation for you, bringing customers back or brings more new customers. People have shared nature, and good things are of course willing to tell their friends, bad things will also tell their friends, and even stop his purchase. Why is Amway (China) to grow into an annual sales of 6 billion yuan in just 8 years, and it is unfunction with its high quality after-sales service.

If a customer is satisfied and retain him, it is necessary to spend 10 yuan, then, it takes 60 yuan to develop a new customer. Therefore, through a good service, keep your customers and make it a loyal customer.

During the entire sales and service, the customer will always have such questions, concerns, and even dissent, in order to achieve sales and meet the needs of customers, only to lift their doubts and objections, they will be successful. Then, after the product is sold, if it is inconvenient to the customer, what is the sales representative?

First, listen

No matter what the customer's inconvenience, it makes them dissatisfied, as a service sales representative, the first thing to do is to apologize to the customer, and listen to the questions raised by the customer, and understand what the problem is? Place, and record the points. At the same time, the attitude must be sincere, avoiding disputes with customers, trying more to listen to less.

Second, analysis

The inconvenience caused by customers has become a fact, regardless of the problem, be sure to stand in a fair position to evaluate the problem. Is responsible in that party? What you have to do is don't shirk, but help customers solve problems, provide more convenience to customers, to reduce customers' dissatisfaction. Do not accuse the customer's mistake during the analysis of the problem, even if he is wrong.

Third, countermeasures

When you have analyzed the problem before and after, how to do it is how to solve the problem. To first determine the company's provisions, it is possible to determine the method of the company. At the same time, positive and superior supervisors are communicated, even, please cooperate with other departments.

Fourth, solve

If the problem is within your own permissions, you can handle it immediately. If you have your own permissions, you will report to the superior supervisor. Before you get instructions, you will actively appease your customers and strive for your earliest solution. Make the customer's dissatisfaction as much as possible.

V. Review

"Failure is the mother of success", this is how to teach people to see failed. Review, known as "father of success", visible, often reviewers, avoid similar things to happen again.

The service sales representative may not produce sales, but his most important work is to make customers satisfied, so that customers become loyal customers, making people with objection to become satisfactory customers.

The service is the extension of the product function, and the lack of service products can only be called "semi-finished products". Traditional product-centric marketing concepts have been replaced by customers centered on customers. With the continuous development of technology, there are more and more customers, and the requirements for the quality of sales representatives are also increasing. It turns out that under the critical market conditions, only those sales representatives that are good at transforming customer service into competitive advantage can succeed. Management articles - no management, there is no standard market

As a sales representative, it is rushing in the market all day, facing more and more standards, how to make yourself more control over the market? How to make yourself grow faster? How to improve sales performance? ......

All the problems need to be solved by yourself, what should I do?

Establish a professional image by self-discipline, self-management. Self-discipline is completely self-and-hoped way, it is difficult to believe a lazy scattered sales representative to make customers like. Self-discipline is not only a neat clothing, but also many of the company's business intelligence, can not be cashed to customers and others, and their own attitude, language, etc. Establish your own professional image through the following aspects, manage your own words, and then build a standard market.

First, professional self-discipline

Since the salesperson has mastered a lot of business intelligence, it is the familiarity of the company, understanding the product, customer trust you. For the company's unapproved business plan, sales policy and some inconvenience public information, it is not possible to leak to the customer, maybe you tell the customer, you can get some customers, but this is not true, you have to pass your own professional Sales capabilities, sincere service attitudes, to win customer trust, reach a win-win purpose.

Especially some information involving customer interests, you can't tell him in advance, only when the timing is mature, you can tell him. With business purposes, there is no forever friend, only forever.

I originally located, because of the continuous string of the customer A, the customer B is extremely dissatisfied, in order to combat A, the customer B determines the price and decoration, which causes the price chaos in the local area. This is an event caused by the customer A. The company decides to appease the customer B, and punish the customer A, deduct the quarterly rebate and reduce the rebate of the next quarter, because the sales volume of customers A is indeed, how to Without hitting his enthusiasm, it is restricted and disciplinary to him. The company discussed at a business meeting, but did not form a resolution. In such a case, the sales representative is to improve the sales of the month, get a higher bonus, and transform this information to the customer A, customer A In order to make the company, it is directly deducted when delivering the goods. The rebate and compared partial payment. This is a typical company information leak event, and the sales representative not only has a higher bonus, but also adds unnecessary trouble to the company.

Therefore, salesperson must remember that they are a company, they can stand in the company's position, but also be able to think about customers, maintain a win-win strategy, always remind themselves, do not have damage to the company, this It is a basic principle.

As a sales representative, in order to enhance its basic character cultivation in the fierce market competition, he will strengthen its own basic character cultivation, learn "to be people", abide by the basic principles of interpersonal communication, on the other hand, to constantly improve your own Ability, quality in order to adapt to market competition.

Second, personal image management

A person outside the image is good and bad, directly affecting others' first impression. As a professional sales representative, always represent the company's image, representing the image of the product, so the management of personal image affects your work, affecting your customer relationship. So how do you manage your personal image? First of all, the clothes should be clean and clean

It's like wind, stand if it is loose, sitting like a clock

Always keep smiling, treat each person

Folders or business bags should be neat, inside items cannot be messy

Print business card according to company

Wear the company's sign or chest card as required

On the language, you must talk about civilized language, use "you" "thank you"

Passionate and customer say hello

Third, establish a team awareness, integrate into the company's environment

In the environment where the workplace, the market is competitive, how to seek greater development is an important issue in front of each sales personnel.

Although everyone is an independent sales individual, the team's power is that when you are tired, when you face difficulties, when you face the problem, someone will encourage you, some people give you a plan, a good man is still three help? , Don't you say three stinkkers, is it a top Zhuge Liang?

In fact, a team's sales goal is not the sum of each sales representative sales? Everyone is very important. Enhance your team awareness, just learn to communicate, have any problems, let everyone want to find a way, regard every colleague as their own partner and friends. The company is a big family and needs everyone to work hard.

Fourth, manage your own time

Time is an unproduced, non-duplicate resource, as a sales representative, to manage daily time, will greatly improve work efficiency.

First, we must develop a detailed time schedule and know what you should do every time every day. Sort all things lightly.

When you classify things, you have a relatives, the most important thing in the next step is to implement. Execution is the most basic normal, executive force in 365 days a year, is the ability to complete the task of the company. Of course, it is also an embodiment of sales representative.

Finally, there is enough time to summarize the gind of the day, the rest of the day, constantly find a better way to solve the problem, and take a few minutes to plan the next day.

5. Improve yourself by the management of customers

The management of customers is an important part of the sales process, and there is no meticulous management and control, and sales work will not be good. How to improve yourself by management of our customers?

Establish a customer file

The content of the customer file includes: a, name, address, business, age, business method, a living, the influence of the surroundings, family situation

B, customer purchase and sales situation

C, customer credit situation

D. Is the company's support level to cooperate with the company's promotion and requirements. ,

Analyze customer information

Develop further sales programs according to the customer's sales situation. How is customer recent sales? Good sales, why? Is it a hard work? Still seasonal factor? Or have other reasons?

customer visit

The purpose of visiting is not only to bring close relationships, but also to find problems and seek countermeasures.

"You can't solve the problem? So, you will investigate the status quo of that problem and its history! You fully investigate, you have a solution to that problem." This is a sentence that Mao Zedong said. . This is equally applicable to our sales staff. One of the purposes of visiting customers is to solve problems - solve sales issues, solve customer problems, and solve their own problems.


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