Excessive, unfair marketization is the poison of economic and social development

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2006-06-22 | Over, unfair marketization is the poison of economic and social development

Excessive, unfair marketization is the poison of economic and social development

Clothing, food, living, row, marriage is the most basic needs of human survival. In the early days of the development of human society, people solve the above problems through self-sufficient ways, and we usually call this way natural economy. Tao Yuanming's "Peach Blossom" describes such a Utopian scene without tax, and everyone has become an ideal society pursued by modern people. With the improvement of human transformation, it has begun to provide food, clothes, construction, transportation, marriage-friendly, and social servers specializing in people. They rely on their superb skills, reasonable fees and good reputation. Become the basic components of the three hundred and sixty lines of society; and businessmen, the trafficking will become bridges and links with the manufacturer and the old people. Since the businessman does not have a skill, despite a lot of money, the status of the businessman is always in the lowest level of the society. This situation has little change in thousands of years.

After the reform and opening up, China has begun to gradually enter the market economy society. Specifically, food shops, bakery, catering stores sell all kinds of food and food, department stores, clothing wholesale markets, and various clothing stores to people, developers selling commodity housing by integrating building services. The travel agency has developed a variety of special tourism products to people through integrated transport companies, and the media is developing into a variety of marriage companies. In these businessmen, developers and travel agencies are new things since China's reform and opening up. Different, the developer has become the only seller that has become the "living" of the city citizens in 1998, while the travel agency needs to compete with powerful self-service travel through its ability to integrate resources. And on the ownership of wealth, developers are not only far non-travel agencies, but even if they are more than ancient richers. On the top of the top rich, real estate developers are the most dazzling - almost more than 90% of the big fortune touches the real estate. This means that as long as it is touched by real estate, or as long as it is successfully sold, it has a chance to win a huge wealth that the average person does not dare to think. If the developer operates in "relationship", only the "entrepreneur" of the primary business level, the functions they exercise and the past trafficking, the goods are not available; the developers don't need any money, You can sell the biggest commodities in the needs of human life, and the current policy is a unique city house provider! When people have destroyed patience and the increasing house prices, the developers can add a few times on the existing excess profit on the existing excess profit, become a "wealth magic of modern people." division". Not only that, most of the developers have been the honorary title of "well-known entrepreneurs" and "the construction of the socialist career" by the "well-known entrepreneurs" and "the construction of the socialist cause".

One is just that the vendors are in the world, how is it surprisingly become the most profitable industry in the world? What is the secret of its wealth? Do you really have a magician who calls rain? the answer is negative! I pointed out in the article "I am looking at the social contribution of the real estate entrepreneur", 60% of the developer's profit from the land value, 30% from the planning of the adjacent orchid, 5% from deception sales, 5% come from it Plan and organize management services. That is, in the profits obtained by the existing developers, only 5% are the part they deserve, while the remaining 95% is purely a variety of plunder. Of course, the developers have now begun to complain that the local government began to promote the land price through the "signboard" in the upstream link, which greatly reduces the profits they have obtained from the land. This complaint is actually a local government, because the local government set up the "land reserve center" actually is also a form of the developer - Your developer can't only eat meat, and let the government agencies drink soup Is it? Moreover, such a city such as Beijing is said to have more than half of the land that can be reserved in the developer. The government has a hammer, but it has also sold a land, but can drive the land price appreciation in the hands of the developer through the market-specific manner. This appreciation is amazing. Therefore, between local land reserve centers and developers, it is actually a friend relationship with hys, absolutely can't say any opponent! Of course, for developers who do not have land reserves, considering the difficulty of bidding land, especially the increase in land cost increase, they have begun to consider making profits in the marketing link. This means that the priority of the current real estate developer has changed from the upstream land acquisition, demolition, and modifying plan, and turns to a large number of urban people who have been treated to be purchased. Although the structure of profits has changed, they have achieved profitability and the nature of plundering wealth, there is no change at all. A natural is a plunder industry and company, what qualifications are there to talk about their contribution to the national economy and society? And let us surprised that violent wealth in these industries and companies is legal. It is the need to vigorously develop as a pillar industry. This makes us feel particularly discouraged! What we need to understand is what the legitimate reasons for developers plundered? If developers' violet can exchange the rationalization of urban planning and the savings of land resource utilization, and you can live full of happiness in the real estate developed, then we have reason to discard "Little I" Achieve the "big me" of the developer's pillar industry. Just like the Anti-Japanese War and the Anti-US Aid Disease, in order to save the most worthless things of their own home to the Eighth Route Army and the volunteers.

The truth is not just like government and developers. The developers in the profiteering process have very much attention to saving land, and the key is that high-volume rates can bring higher profits. This has produced the most common apartment, small-scale large-scale residential groups we see, but the corresponding urban traffic is further obscured. Under the leadership of local governments and developers, the city spreads rapidly around the expansion of the big cake, covering a large number of fertile cultivated land that provides the most important items for humans. No matter what point of view, the conversion of cultivated land has become a huge damage to land resources! But destroying cultivated land is precisely the prerequisites for many developers to make money. Since the reform and development, my country's urban build area has grown at 7% per year, but the growth rate of urban population and non-agricultural population has always been between 1-3%, such a city has basically lost intensive use of land. Value, actually becomes a huge vector for waste and destroying land resources. The developer chasing a profiteering is a natural enemy of the house. The high price increase is the eternal pursuit of developers! Businessman, not only legal business, but also the pillar industry! Pursuing huge profits, what is it afraid? The only person I doubtful is that I am really happy in the air plaid in the developer to earn the pot is full of happiness, I really want to admire him (she). Under the developer system, some of the people have a few houses. Some people have a high-priced buying house into a "house slave". More people are facing the high-priced housing indignation - the developers have clearly not adding how much happiness is for this society. Since developers have no public welfare, do we need to donate all the deposits like a volunteer army to them? I have remind everyone in many public hours: If you want to have happiness, don't buy a house now, otherwise you will never become a "house slave". What is the meaning of such a life? I suggest you rent a housing now! The current rent is relatively inexpensive, from three factors: one is the lowest price of "Chengzhong Village"; Second, the large amount of welfare branch rent is at a lower level; the third is that the new housing rental market is for seeking, rent a decline . Why can't you indulge in a three-year room in the rent, then wait for the house price? Some people say that the price can't fall, I said that the higher the rising, the deeper falling! Under such a supply system, the national collapse may be the only result of China's real estate. For our housing owners for our consumption, the collapse does not cause the value of the use of housing, and for the surrogate, the price return of the house is completely good news; and places to participate in the real estate speculation For governments, developers, banks, speculators, plunge will let them finally pay for their behavior. People who fell in the house price, they belong to those who find themselves, we will never sympathize with him (her)!

Why can real estate developers get profits? Now I will announce my answer: It is because local governments and developers sell the land that belongs to all the people, high-priced to all people. This part of the land should not be marketized, but by the relevant departments, "reform", "marketization" is called, and it has become an endless, inexhaustible wealth treasure. This practice of local governments and developers, almost no difference between "intruders": announcement of land belong to government agencies, and then giving the government to developers, developers retail to the people. So, foreigners, Jackie Chan, and local officials have obtained the same rights to purchase housing with local residents, and those who have not had land rights and purchase qualifications are much more rich than locals. As a system guarantee measures for land, high-priced retail, the government stipulates that urban residents cannot bypass real estate developers to build a house independently, and the "urban area" dominated by residents' self-built houses is in the orderly destruction of local governments and developers. What kind of house is built, and how many houses live is, it should be decided. Now the government and developers have controlled the power of building, and no one can go around the intermediate link. Under the housing marketization, all people who buy a house have to pay high costs for developers' huge agents, and they also bear the housing "concept" under the developers chasing huge thinking. After reading my words, many people may feel sad. But I still have to persuade everyone to be content! why? Now the policy only controls our housing rights, and you can't rent a house to live in a rural house. I am worried that if one day, the government has replaced the male and female marriage match for thousands of years of human self-sufficiency with "Marketing" super nuclear weapons in order to achieve the high-quality goals of human fertility, and set marriage agencies as the pillar of the national economy. Industry, strictly prohibiting free love and marriage. At that time, the richest and most beautiful, it is no longer the current real estate developer, but has been launched by people for thousands of years. It can be seen, "the emperor turns, next year to my home". Such "Marketization" will bring us one of the lives? I don't know, but I want to know!


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