How to delete files at Vista ...

xiaoxiao2021-04-11  1.3K+

Recently, I was forced to use Vista, except for the interface, I didn't think it ... especially its permission control, I want to remove a file to pop up a bunch of dialog asking you. I used VS2005 to compile a project result that is built under XP. I have a closer look for the two-way access to those compiled binary access ... Although the administrator privilege is logged in, Vista is still not ignored: not you build You can't delete it!

MS is so overbearing, although angry is not possible, in the folder, I found a bunch of permissions settings, the more dizzy, I have to open the control panel (BTW: Add the delete program I have not found) chaos. Finally found the following method:

User Accounts -> Security Settings -> Turn off the UAC (User Accounts Control).

The Vista will then be restarted and the VS2005 compile work can be opened after reboot. There was no access to the rejection. There are still a lot of dialogments that other operations popping up, feelings and XP is similar. If you have any friends who want to use Vista, try it.


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