I graduated, I am a bit happy, a little regret, a little free, it is a bit

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It's more tense last week, so there is no way to write things, I wanted to write on Friday. Who knows the virus in the machine, reloading the system, writing so many things are scrapped, depressed. Try to call these days today, I will write it here, I think it is still a lot of things to write.

First of all, it is your own graduation design. The process of defense can be done. You should definitely can't get it. However, I always feel that I still have to be excellent, but this college graduation defense is also a rush. In fact, it feels a bit of a little fixed, so I didn't think about these things, I was not rare, I am unfortunately giving code for free to school, I feel that our university is related to individual, follow Some teachers are related, but there is no relationship with the school, don't say this, there are still a lot of views on our school, the defense is to ask me a question, ask me to use the image compression technology, I used to know this content, but true I haven't seen it, so I am really ..., huh, I don't know, I know that the teacher is not intentional, because of the fact that I am in the future, I recommend some books, what I expected than I expected It is good, the defense is the end of this, and our university can say that it has passed. Take it with her with her. I feel a little nostalgic. A very difficult feeling, I always feel a bit empty, I feel like Nothing is the same, I am really afraid of the feeling of doing things. It seems that the sky will be collapsed, but I have more than one, I really don't know if I will become my girlfriend, but she is right. I am still a stranger, I have never appeared in my heart, I know that the last two months, I realized her, and now I am more and more important, it is really hard to say why, this is If you say it, I will say something is somewhat unsatisfactory, I feel that I have changed too fast. Although I have been a regret, I really don't know why I still feel extremely regrettable yesterday, but today I didn't have. There is no existence, at least there is a formal saying in my heart and then I like others, I always feel that there is a sense of criminal, I will say this again.

The next thing is to help classmates do graduation design, a thing about digital encryption, in fact, I prefer this, I prefer this, my act is the previous technology, then I integrated, and this, I really have a very interesting, a new thing, this is why I am so enthusiastic to help the reason that is not very familiar with a very familiar classmate, of course, I will feel that if I can't help it. She is a shameful thing, and I also had a reason for my idea, that is, she is a good friend, I feel a little helping to mean, but the feeling of the time is really good, a graduation design I three days. I got it, and in fact, when the teacher saw this program, I heard it, the teacher suddenly asked: Is this program to do? Of course, she said that I have a classmate, and then the teacher said, I am very happy: mainly I didn't expect you to do so. I really like this sentence, huh, huh, you can say that this is the biggest praise for me this graduation design. Although I don't talk directly, I am also happy, I usually not casually Zhang Yang, I'm going to pay attention. For example, like people, things, cherish things and the most valued technologies, I will only discuss with people I am familiar with and respect, in fact, I think I still like to discuss technology, but I always feel much around. People seem to say what technology is very can't stand it, I don't know if I don't know if I don't know, I don't like it. I don't like to discuss problems, too fake, don't say These, in the future, I belong to the learner, I will study carefully, I think our atmosphere is still good, I think the academic atmosphere is quite strong. So my graduation design has become history.

Write this, the next article is written in other things ^ _ ^


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