Use JavaScript written operating system and input method

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JavaScript is a client's scripting language, but you don't think it's weak, because you look at the example below. I. Operating system written by JavaScript huh, that day, colleagues joked, if there is a working system written with JS. We all laughed him whimsy, I can't think of it, I really use JavaScript operating system: JS / Uix. Its URL is: * System introduction It is said to: JS / Uix is ​​a web browser-based UNIX operating system without any plug-in technology, which is fully written in JavaScript. It contains a virtual machine, a shell, virtual file system, process management, screen terminal, and keyboard mapping. It is compatible with NetscapGe, IE 4 or more browsers. English: JS / Uix IS An Un * x-Like Os for Standard Web-Browsers, Writteneryly In JavaScript (No Plug-Ins Used). IT Comprises A Vir-Tual Machine, Shell, Virtual File-System, Process-Management, and brings its own terminal with screen- and keyboard-mapping. The keyboard accepts the US-ASCII character set.As key-mapping depends from your browser, you may have to usethe cursor and backspace buttons at the lower right of theterminal. A complete Keyboard Can Be Accessed At the Lower Left. Compatibility: Netscape 4 , MS IE 4 and Dom-aware Browsers. This system document is also very perfect, there is a supported command manual: /man.txt, and a version history. I tested it supported FIRXFOX and IE, it seems that the function is more powerful.

* How to use the URL on the top, open the "> Open Terminal" link at the top of the page, then the following login prompt box appears: JS / Uix 0.45 Starting Up [Init] ... Terminal (DHTML-GUI) Ready Bringing up the file-system ... ok re-entering file-system as root. Building tree ... OK Trying for rc-file ... Found RC-Profile Looks Good. Initializing RC-Profile ... ok Re -Entering Tree for Command-System ... OK Setting Up System Variables ... OK System Up and Stable. Starting login-demon. Js / uix: log-on - Type User-name (E.G. "Guest") and hit . Login: Enter guest in login, enter you can log in.

After entering, you can see the following tips: Terminal Ready. JS / Uix 0.45 - The JavaScript Virtual Os and Terminal Application for the Web. Type "INFO" for site information. Type "Help" for available commands. ----- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- [ 2] $ then you can enter the command in the back, enter "Help" Can get command help, if you don't know how to use the command, you can enter the man command. Of course, its command is relatively limited, if you enter a command that doesn't exist, then prompt: Command NOT Found: "EE". The strongest is that the operating system has built a VI editor, directly supporting the basic command operation of VI, huh, huh, slowly use it, you will know. I think this is a small operating system that is very suitable for learning UNIX. Finally, I forgot to say it, it also brought a soft keyboard to use the mouse to enter the command directly, huh. Second, the Chinese input method written by JavaScript This is a domestic JavaScript program called JustInput, which can use the input method online without requiring any input method on your machine. It mainly supports Chinese input five strokes, pinyin, double fight. Touch, etc. Common input method. And because it is written by JavaScript, as long as there is a browser, you can enter Chinese, you can support Windows, Linux, Mac and other operating systems, etc. Enter Chinese. Its website: Its homepage is this: * JustInput's Advantages: Free. Easy: You can use it without downloading or installing. Safety: It does not have to install the software will not infect computer viruses. JustInput is just a powerful web page. Easy: The interface is simple, but the key habits and mainstream input methods are consistent. General: It can be used on computer systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. * JustInput is especially suitable for the following occasions: The computer you use is not installed and unable to install any Chinese input software, such as public computers in foreign schools, libraries, Internet cafes, and hotels, as well as in some units. Computers. You temporarily borrow others's computer, there is no Chinese input method you are familiar with. The Chinese input software of your computer has failed and cannot be repaired for the time being. Your heart is trying to try another way of input, but don't want to make your computer system. However, it is currently not supporting traditional Chinese, maybe it will be supported later. / Ps: Oh, in fact, we will see it, any language can do a lot of things, including very powerful things. But there are some meaningful, some are meaningless, because each language is mainly available.


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