Google "Employee" exposure insider: 17 secrets on Google employees

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About Google employees, interesting topics are more unlimited. Because everyone is very clear that the Google Office is allowed to raise dogs, other situations within Google have been very mysterious. Last month I wrote a new Googler experience in Google, this time my turn to philipp, but he got more. Please note that I use the double quotes in this article to give "employees" to the "employee", because the Googler that will be introduced will be introduced, although it looks like a real Google employee, but no one can confirm his identity .

The Googler's net name is Zorbathut, which looks like a person related to Google Calendar and Google Video project. In any case, he exposed a lot of google insider, quite interesting. Here is some of the more interesting (no order):

1. Google's most common programming language is C , Java and Python;

2. Even if Google is also difficult to cure the problem of advertising deception, refer to AdSense;

3. The position of the Google is a long process, usually takes a few months;

4. Google Vertical is the skills of the candidate, not academic;

5. The programmer who cannot control his own time is not suitable for work in Google;

6. Google employee's Gmail capacity has 1TB (ie 1024GB);

7. If the Google employee abuses the login system (such as let the non-Google person enter the Google internal network), then he / she may be fried squid;

8. Google Employee can trial Google's unpublished products or services in advance, but cannot reveal details in the outside world;

9. Google employee If you don't like the project assigned to, he can convert the project;

10. Employees engaged in non-technical work in Google are also respectful;

11. The meeting in Google is not much, Zorbathut said he once averaged once a month;

12.Google's internal level is very simple: programmer -> Technical Director -> Manager -> Department Director -> Big Boss (Larry Page / Sergey Brin / Eric Schmidt);

13. Most of your employee is against smokers;

14. The vast majority of mobile phones within the Linux system, employees have laptops, and you can choose to use Mac Powerbook or IBM's ThinkPad (now is Lenovo);

15. Most Google employees use only Linux operating systems;

16. Zorbathut said that his colleague had a late night in the Google office, and found that Larry Page and Sergey Brin were running around the office and at the highest speed. After a few days, he touched these two people, but found that the four-wheel drive was removed, was newly tied to a laptop and a camera; (illusion: God!)

17. Google's topic for the interview is extremely difficult to answer, and never tell them why they can't get relevant positions;

Regardless of whether Zorbathut is really Google employees, these insiders are really exciting!


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