SSE required head file

xiaoxiao2021-04-11  1.4K+

Q: SeaFrog: Hello, I saw the two articles you translated about MMX, SSE programming, very inspired. However, they are used under Visual I want to use it in Visual C , I can't find Emmintrin.h and XMMIntrin.h in my machine. I have installed Visual C on the machine, is it necessary to download this two files after downloading from the Intel's website? What packages need to download? How to configure in the VC to use MMX, SSE instructions?

A: Emmintrin.h and xmmintrin.h Two header files are available from Intel, it is best to download Intel Processor Pack on their website. This pack and VC6 are not compatible because the VC cannot be fully compatible with the data type in C99. I suggest that in addition to (VS.NET can support C99), it is best to use Intel's compiler. Or you can try to solve this problem using Microsoft Visual C 6.0 Processor Pack, this Pack can download it from Microsoft website.


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