What do you do for you? Do you know? ?

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When you are 1 year old, she feeds you and takes you a bath; and as a reply, you cried all night;

When you were 3 years old, she made a dish for you; as a reply, you throw it on the ground with a dish of her;

When you were 4 years old, she bought you a book; and as a reply, you painted abstract paintings full of walls;

When you were 5 years old, she bought you a beautiful dress; and as a reply, you wear it to play in the mud;

When you were 7 years old, she bought you the ball; and as a reply, you broke the neighbor's glass with a ball;

When you were 9 years old, she paid a lot of money to give you a counseling piano; and as a reply, you often don't practice;

When you are 11 years old, she will accompany you and your friends went to the movie; and as a reply, you let her sit another row.


When you were 13 years old, she suggested that you cut the hair, and you said that she didn't know what is now fashionable;

When you were 14 years old, she paid for a month of summer camp fees, but you didn't play a call for all the month.


When you were 15 years old, she went home from get off work and wanted to embrace you, and as a reply, you turned to enter the house to plug the door;

When you were 17 years old, she was waiting for an important phone, but you talked with your friends a night;

When you were 18 years old, she graduated from high school to tears, but you gathered in the outside of the world.

When you were 19 years old, she paid your university tuition fees and sent you to the school, and you asked her to get off at a far away.

See joke;

When you are 20 years old, she asked you "where you go all day", and you answer: I don't want you;

When you were 23 years old, she gave you a new home to buy your furniture, and you said that her furniture she bought is really bad;

When you are 30 years old, she has advised her to take care of the child, and you said to her: Mom, the era is different;

When you were 40 years old, she called you, saying that today's birthday, and you answer: Mom, I am very busy;

When you are 50 years old, she often suffers from sick and requires your care, but you are rushing for your children;

One day, she died, suddenly you remembered all the things that have never been done, they hit you like a hoe

heart of.

If the mother is still in a healthy, don't forget to love her more deeply than ever.

If she is unfortunately left you, then you have to remember that maternal love is the most selfless love under the sky.


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