Stars in My Heart

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Stars in My Heart

Forgot to have seen a word: Everyone has TOP 10 in his mind, I have also tried to list my TOP 10, but the result makes me feel awkward, why is it to be Top 10, Not TOP 5, or TOP 20? In fact, TOP 10 in the mind is very subjective. Everyone has a different growth experience. Maybe everything is very casual, but why is it not so casual?

"There is a song to sing, in our young years ..." There may be no many people who are familiar with this lyrics, especially now. But such a lyrics, the lyrics that are very familiar with me, really can give me a lot of power. That is that I just learned to use the included machine, from the first song of Fei Xiang in the tape pile of Dad, is the song of the song, the enthusiastic atmosphere in the song, deeply attracted me, youth Why not so flying, such as singing in the song: "We all believe that we have walked young." Tongxiang, the tape covers, the footage of the Handsome, and later I have heard a lot. His song, "The Hometown of the Hometown", "Cape End" has become a model of popular music in my mind, although some singers who have appreciated it later, Fei Xiang seems to be not so important, or he is more In the early age, for example, my father, my father should appreciate him.

For my influence, the longest, maybe it's not a singer, maybe it's a well-known Beyond, mention Beyond, I immediately reacted it, it is still the Beyond before 1993, that is, Huang Jiazhen passed by . When I was young, I didn't know how much I thought, I saw someone to sing such a song. I like to follow my words, and even if I don't know what song. Have a cousin recommended Beyond to me. He brought two plate tape. At that time, our English is still unfamiliar, called "Don't worry", there is a one in the two tapes of the other songs. Call "I am anger", this song is really a new, but unfortunately, the song comes with the song comes too small. I can't see it, so I don't quite clear the specific content, but the kind of voted in the recorder Strong energy left me an indelible impression until now, I have never forgotten that familiar shouts: "Woo A." I am anger, why should I be angry, I will tell myself: "Can you fight for a sigh of relief", I associate my first test, the learning achievement is still a general situation, this song is really good to resonate very well. So I think now, why people look at some so-called touching movies easy to tears, in fact, it is not because of those lyrical plots in the movies, but a deep resonance, they will be able to hold themselves. Integration, and a shock from the heart.

Lift Beyond, I can't just mention the yellow family. I even think that there is no real beyond, at least I admire the song, the song of Beyond is 93 years. I have seen many people commented on Huang Jiazhu, saying that there is no music that is not encountered in the years, I don't know if it is very exact, because I don't know much about music, I only know that I am in this angle to enjoy my favorite music. In this case, in my mind, Huang Jiaqi is indeed a peerless talents. At least a musician, he self-study, and use rock-rolled pop music to express his feelings in his heart, create Beyond unique Music style, songs are also popular, even now many popular bands can also find more or less in the style of Huang Jiazhu. I don't think there is such a long time. After so many years, people are still so enthusiastic to sing their previous songs in KTV - this is classic. I mentioned the resonance, why will I resonate with Beyond's song? I didn't know how to think about these problems, and later I had the opportunity to go to the Internet, I can collect information about Beyond, about those who have a little known story. Beyond was established in 1983, after a long time, they all in the "underground" event, the earliest records they released, named "Goodbye ideals", goodbye to the ideal song, the record is very simple, because This is a record that is not recorded, completely recorded and released. Several songs are simple, can't hear any business ingredients, they have driven the concert, open air, and have a few people. Such underground activities have really given a very lost feeling. Why do you taste it? I believe that I am a talent, but I live in the corner of the city. I don't know, it is very uncomfortable, and now I am not like this) Ah, "Sit on the roadside street corner, cold wind and blow ..." A lonely lyrics shocked me like this. Huang Jiaqi believes that his proud of the 93 years is "Le and anger", and the most representative song is "the sea vast sky", with a wish far away, flying to the distance: "Forgive me for this life If you don't want to give free love, you will be afraid that one day will fall, get away from the ideal, who can, how can you only have you in a day. "Huang Jiayu gone, this song is almost unbearable, but it is always in me. In the heart ...

In the late 1980s, two singers were popular in Hong Kong, which is a household name Tam and Zhang Guorong. I was born in 1981, and I am still a baby in the early 1980s. How to understand? This is of course a later thing. The article comments Tam Tam and Zhang Guorong also have a lot. I remember that there is one of their biggest differences, the biggest difference in style: Alan is like a family, and Zhang Guorong is like a depression in the castle. Noble youth. I think this comment is still quite imageable, at least, as a vulgarian, I really like Tam's song. Alan Tam did not have a style as Beyond, and even some people said that no matter which song made Tan Qilin, it would be quite good. It seems that Tan's voice is omnipotent, but I have a little taboo for "I can't", because "It is not enough" and it often means "one long", huh, huh, it's far ... Whether Alan Tam sang is very good, because he has a lot of songs, and With deep skill, the expression can be said to be close to perfection. The kind of resonance and shocking with Beyond, Alan Tam gave me more is that he opened wide songs, and the sound should not be described in "opening wide", but I am listening to the ear, I can feel it in my mind. Its kind of open. It is more than a year ago, I still live in Jiading, there is a secondary landlord to collect a rent, see me in the song of Tan Tang, asked me: "How old are you?" I told him my year. Fang twenty-three (^ o ^), he said: "This song is very popular among our people." He looked thirty years old, in fact, I think of good singers, although he faded out of music, stay Give us a song, but if Confucius's thoughts, many of them can still find many of them today. In the current position of the red singer, I can't find it. Maybe I am really old, and now the children like Jay Chou's mouthful, and can't add a tone of the law. Like Lin Junjie. A vocabulament, singing, like Li Yuchun, "neutral beauty" and men's scorpion. This year is popular with men and women, I think I can't talk to this "popular" again. I can change my age too much. Alan Tam has a student, and a friend, even called "Son" partner - Li Keqin, helplessness and Tan principal, maybe a love house and Wu Ban, he is also a singer I like, I also opened with Alan Tam last year. Successful concert. Here, I admire the spirit of Tan Qilin, who is 50 years old.

And Huang Jiaqi, Alan Tam is different, there is a singer to have a very kind feeling, and kindly, the word is indeed the best to describe her. On the rainy night, I quickly listened to her beautiful and gram-forward sound sent in the speaker. When I was alone, I also liked the chair to listen to the speaker. I haven't forgotten to wear headphones when I work, and I use her gentle voice to alleviate my fatigue. She is Chen Jie in my mind - Chen Huizhen. People are emotional animals, and it is no wonder that love has always been the theme of the movie. It is almost impossible to change, and the content of the song is more in order to express my feelings. The most love, Chen sister's song also contains such a theme, love songs But I love Chen Huizhen. Deng Lijun has a title called "Queen Queen", my father is her faithful fan, I don't know why, from the small beginning, I will put Den Lijun's song all day, I also listen to it all day. I think that Teng Lijun will give me the feeling is a young woman with a bit of grief. She has a singer that she has nothing to say, it is obvious that I don't like this young woman. I will not feel kind; and Chen Huizhen is a tradition and a little cheerful and lively girl. She is a beautiful or profound emotional story with her very clear and round. She is what I love. I used to mention Chen Huizhen for me: "This is the most perfect female siwara." I really like this clear voice and an orderly rhythm. Different Beyond's lyrics can feel the power, Chen Huizhen's song needs to appreciate it, understand. I really like the "Red Tea House", I don't know if it is the best song of Huizhen? "I am heart, with you, do half, your life, the other half ..." If a girl is facing me, this slowly sang, that is a happy thing, mention this song, I How many people are resonating, I don't drink, alcohol is volatilized, let people feel enthusiastic, often means a strong impulse, and tea with a fragrance, let people feel happy, I like to drink tea, a cup Black tea can also pin so much feelings. The two people can sit together are also a kind of fate. I don't see the Buddha: "Sanshengyuan is only changed for one hand." And I have this Courage, telling her: black tea cup, come to you half ... Thank you Chen Sister.

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