There is no way forward: the work of the computer professional

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One year, the summer of this year finally arrived, I still remember to go to the canteen, the crowded people long team; accidentally peeable a few indecent jokes in the water house; the dormitory door chased the trick Shouting; and the evening, the evening, the dusk is at dusk; in the self-study classroom, a pair of unparalleled eyes, there is an unique season, go to the classroom time on the hot complaints, and so on. Some seem to be yesterday, it was so familiar. Today, it seems that strangers should be shocked. Since then, they have nothing to do with themselves, just like never have happened, no longer reside.

They are nostalgia, no end, will not have a new beginning. Just like the four seasons, there are new students in spring, only have summer, and they will mature in autumn, and they will precipitate in winter.

For more than ten years, the cold window is hard to read. If it is in order to put this day, it will put this day in the presence, and the knowledge of more than ten years, this leader, experience illusory sword in his hand, and hold it for yourself. On the way to the road, we will open up a road to walk.

The old saying goes out of the champion, and the road will pass the Rome. Indeed, people have their own strengths. I have to remember that the east is not bright, and there are northern words in the south. Never be deducted by the frustration in front of you. This is only starting for life.

China's IT industry has started for ten years, very young. Fresh things, the Yangchao industry is always eye-catching. It is this reason that computer majors have become popular in colleges and universities. Many classmates will sharpen their heads to this ivory top drill to this ivory tower, or to make a living, or for future It is better to develop more quickly.

Compared with the hottest professional in previous years, the choice of this profession gradually became reasonable and objective in recent years. Students and parents think more is a starting point based on the long-term self-development.

The choice of professional direction, thinking about what you think when you're educated for employment, often seeing a lot of computers who graduated from the forum to make confused and confused, I don't know if the computer should continue to go. Go down.

Too much about this industry, the media frequently exploded various types of IT from the industry are not harmful, IT is very tired, and the cumbersome and boring program, technical psychology and realistic stamping Overtime is very common, this line is updated very fast, the spare time is often used to learn new professional technology, no holidays, no short time, can't accompany your friends, the nature of work makes life more monotonous, life seems to be in the era of students Two points and one line. Did not imagine the colorful color: Zhang Yang's personality derived from the skills of skills, fashionable modern lifestyle due to the returns of the rich, "office politics" away, "freedom" thinking ...., now, reality More came more.

More importantly, this industry seems to have a potential rule: the programmer has little to dry after 30 or 35 years old, can do a very small number of retired belongings, and one of the other is not a general probability. So, I am not old, thinking about how to turn, IT management, IT sales, or zone, IT, IT, IT, I'm going to do, still in the face, still in the confused The code in the past few years seems to be erased, and only some memories of empty fall.

There is also a computer girl, the lack of hands-on ability, the reason for physiology, the pressure of life, etc., the employment seems to be far less, in this circle, the girls are also going to travel, and they are also married by the boss, and they will be late. Drawn nine nights, it seems to have a congenital disadvantage, including emotional, big concept, and the enthusiasm for technology. Too many things about this industry is not good, many of the good suggestions of many seniors, buried uneasy seeds in the hearts of computer professional students, should you continue to choose this line, or your career path should turn this turn? Choosing this line seems to mean that this physiological and psychological suffering history is to accept the experience of this industry.

Exit, but it is a heartbeat, thinking about it in a few years, a manuscript paper with a pencil write full of procedures, the eyes of the class do not turn your eyes, the meditation in the homework, less romantic boundless time, for the future It can make a self-confidence to submit a professional and heavy professional resume. Who is willing to work hard to finalize the water of the east.

Any industry has their own light and gray, just don't know. For students who have just taken a campus, for the school sisters who have already entered society, for every predecessor on different positions, the stroke is more difficult, and the brilliant castings are more progressive. We can't only see the industry. The light and beautiful appearance, and the difficulty of dragging it behind, the two extremes are of course huge, from this perspective, obviously violates the objective. And the construction of your career is also the same, its prototype, its creation, its cast, its rich, its thick, is a step by step by one step by one step.

There is a rivers and lakes in some places, and there is no place to be releasing. The IT industry is also the same. To strengthen the learning of professional skills, pay attention to industry dynamics, learn foreign languages, exercise social skills, learn more to seniors, ask, but also to understand the basic quality of doing things, work is not all, All is not only for life, it is necessary to be objective, active, and positive employment mental preparation. Computer girls, you should also see your professional advantages, care, patience, expressions, communication, etc. These are all how to develop technology development with colleagues, helping customers more clearly and self-demand, etc. .

Only by doing the underlying programmer can be used step by step to do developers, project managers or management, sales, entrepreneurship, etc. And this is the trend of harmony and harmonious development of various industrial consumers and manufacturing methods.

In the end, "getting started, I don't want to get started," IT people who want to get started without entry, the answer is self-employed.


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