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莫 莫 奇 走 进 名 名 离 离 回 回 回 光 光 光 光 光 阴 阴 阴 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 人 人 光 光Beautiful .... Only when you leave, look back to the past, understand the true meaning of this ivory tower is already a cloud, the sky ...

As if yesterday or a new life, look up, towering library, there are a lot of ideas to be born: what to see through the good books, you have to leave in the reading room. According to the classic plot in the TV series and novels, it should be hit by people when I borrow, and I will borrow something to people when I read it and then derived a very romantic plot. Unfortunately, the white horse in the library has never appeared, and I have also become a graduate. . . . In fact, sometimes you can choose it is also very painful because you want to give up. These things, now, it is very clear, it seems to be ideal and reality, I really want to continue to study, but I hope that I can be responsible, when I will go to the old library of Sakura, sit On the stone steps at the door, watching the red sky is a little bit a little bit, I know, there will be no more than this day. Think of you have to bear other, such as society, such as work, such as. . . . . Suddenly I remembered a very common sentence: I always waited until I lost, I cherred it.

Like the flow of water, the flowers blossoms, we stand in the riverside of the years, watching youth with the young and light slide, the river is our clear reflection, and colorful falling. This feelings can be remembered, but it is already awkward!

Casual gathering, inevitable parties, those who are sad after the midnight, the trouble before the rain, those who have turned off the lights, those emotional campus people, they have to die. In fact, there is nothing to retain, we will go tomorrow, no matter how old, we have no retreat. We are still young, we can also passionately, we can also let the kite full of dreams, maybe the peak circuit, the scenery of the two cases is changed, the water is still water, the boat of life, and finally take the hand in the hand. My same window, my friend, I believe we will start a wonderful journey. Participate in the foreword, the forefo can only be chemical - all the way!


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