Sam.Data.dll component introduction

xiaoxiao2021-04-11  204

Sam.Data.dll is an ASP.NET component that can be easily and easily manipulated by MSSQL and Access databases, currently using C # development, can be called in VB.NET. Components are not technically low, just for the vast enthusiasts and users of ASP.NET, I hope to bring some convenience to your work and learning! The following is the code written by the code you may use when you do not need Sam.Data.dll:

In my project, after using Sam.Data.dll, to achieve the above functions, only a few lines of code (of course, only relative, do not exclude yourself writing some database processing classes to simplify this process)

Of course, another convenient place is that only access to Access and MSSQL databases simultaneously in the web.config file.

Please pay attention to the website:


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