Hebei college entrance examination admission work schedule

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This year, the province of this specialist enrollment plan is 273729, and the expected admission rate is about 49%. The admission will begin on July 8, ending on August 20. By then, this newspaper will send a reporter to enrollment site, and report the college tobach line. This newspaper will publish the list of candidates in the first time, so please pay attention to the majority of candidates and parents.

This year's admission work is conducted, the order of admission is in advance, a batch of undergraduate, two batchs of undergraduate, three batches of undergraduate, a group of specialists, and three batches. Specific arrangements: advance batch (July 8-1), undergraduate a batch of A (July 12-15), a batch of B (July 16-19), undergraduate second batch A (7 On the 20th - 23rd), undergraduate second batch b (July 24-27), undergraduate three batches A (July 28-130), undergraduate three batches B (July 31 - August 2 A group of specialists (August 5-17), specialist two batch a (August 8th - 10th), specialist two batch b (August 11-13), specialist two batches C (August On the 14th to 17th), three batches (August 18-120). According to the regulations, the candidates who are admitted should not transcribe his school regardless of whether the enrollment is reported.

Candidates and parents need to pay special attention. The admission of ordinary colleges and universities is carried out in accordance with national policies, institutional admissions, candidates, national unified network admission procedures, and must be subjected to the Hebei Admissions Commission office (province Education Examination Institute) Audit Record. The Provincial Admissions Commission did not authorize any unit or individual to engage in enrollment intermediary services. The Provincial Education Examination Institute once again reminds the majority of candidates and parents to raise vigilance, beware of the various fraud activities that cannot be "intermediary" or individuals engage in the name of the exam or admissions institutions to avoid being deceived. The Ministry of Education clearly stipulates that any universities are strictly prohibited to avoid the provincial-level recruitment, and the candidates who have not been allowed by the provincial-level recruitment procedures will not qualified for the educational registration.

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