Request.ServerVariables ("HTTP

xiaoxiao2021-04-11  406

Today, I do a page. I use local.href to specify the next page. The result is a problem. In some universal pages, in order to be able to come, use the page, use the request.serVariables ("http_referer"), resulting A empty, so check the relevant information

The following information is from the address bar of the browser to get Request.SerVariables ("http_refeerer"): 1. Directly use 2. Form (POST or GET) submitted with Submit or . Using JScript submitted form (post or get) Let's take a look at Request.ServerVariables ("http_referer"): 1. From favorites link 2. Click '' Home '' or Custom Address 3. Using JScript's location.href or location.replace () 4. Enter the address 5 in the browser 5. <% Response.redirect%> 6. <% Response.addheader%> or steering 7. Use the XML load address.

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