What is the hardest thing to do for the website?

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My personal experience, the most difficult to do the website is positioning.

When you are a good position, the rest is still a happiness of the webmaster.

When a person has a confidence and ability to do things, it is the most painful when you don't know what to do.

It is the most lonely when a sword can find people PK.

When a webmer cannot determine a website positioning is the most.

Two reasons for the failed webmaster: 1 Location error 2 lack of persistence

There is a story that is often quoted:

A person digging well, 10 years of dug a 10 eye, no eye digging water. There is a lot of eyes, when you want to dig out the water, he shakes, give up, he believes that there will never dig out the water, so I will dig a new well, which has passed in this 10 years ...

Another person, a photo of a well insisted that it took 10 years, and finally dug out the spring water, clear and sweet well.

He succeeded!

The above story is quoted by many successful people to prove the importance of persisting.

But the problem is, if this place really does not take water? Or you can't insist on the day of digging the water, why don't you find a place where you have rich water resources?

Also, when you finally chose a place where the water level is very high, it is very good, but others, those more powerful excavation, the big households also looked at this place, next to you, playing faster than you. What should you do at a deep well?

So the online entrepreneur you just started, you first suggested. The second must be sure this is where the big website is not visited. You have to make sure you can not only take the lead in playing water here, but can firmly take this place!

You are optimistic about broadcasting online, optimistic B2B, C2B, B2C, but do you see the ranking of a long team, the waist wrapped around, and the tiger delay? Are you calm, can you squeeze in? I thought that there were eight million people very much, but someone can burn it, you can play with him, play it? The final competition of strong people and strong people is the competition of strength and is the contest of capital.

What we have to play is the weakness of the weak and strong, is the weakness of the power of strong people. Strong and weak, there is strong in weak, this is the truth of the servant! Strong to weak, weak energy is strong, this is an eternal exercise law! These are not mentioned, and then go back to the location of the website.

Whether the location of the network entrepreneur is correct, basically determines whether his career can be long-term development.

The opportunity of online entrepreneurs is still very much, the key is to have the eyes of these opportunities!

Still use a well metaphor, you can hire a professional exploration team to help you find the best position. You can also continue to dig in the well, but the key is good, the eyes are good, the position is accurate, the positioning is accurate, the website development will form a benign circulation, and all efforts will promote the rapid development of the website. If the positioning is not accurate, it will be half a feature, and finally it is unaffected.

The start of the start is small, and the small can become big.

The start of the start is large, and it may become small.

Anyone has no strength to make all things extreme,

But you can do one thing best!

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