If you don't love, please collect your warmth.

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I have never been like "warm" words, maybe I am too conservative, it is difficult to truly accept new products in this new era. There are many explanations about "warm", and it does not leave it, mostly refers to unclear or behavior. As the name suggests, he warm is a trend that cannot be exposed in the sun. It is an invincible in the dark night. When it comes to heating, always think of Wang Jiawei's "Fantasy Year", Zhang Mangyu's gorgeous cheongsam, Liang Chao Wei is a heart, and then equipped with confusing lights, heating is performed. But the beautiful warmth is the same, but it is just a warmth, it is difficult to satisfactorily. Terminal people are scattered, the flowers, the warm crystal shoes, the crystal shoes, the Cinderella is alive. Nowadays, it is a warm-ranking era, and many people are no longer easy to say because of the unscrupulous grasp of love. At this time, he warmly debuted, and the unique gesture swimming between the red male green woman, it is only satisfied with an eagerness of emotions, and it is not necessary to carry emotional burden for this. Because I don't love, I will go to freedom, because I don't love, I will change my darkness. How close is to warm, how far is love, let's talk, warm is an embarrassment of emotional irresponsibility. Since I don't love, why need you need to warm? Is it just because of loneliness? Is it just two people meet, join a dance song together, then rush? Love a person, it is necessary to bravely say, then face the wind and rain in life with it, please collect your warmth, all the roads, even if you encounter, just a faint greeting The heart is like a water. Sometimes I often think, what is the space for the warmth? Who is it to be unwaped? Is it a desert in the progress of society? Or is there a result of true love to evolve the game of love? In fact, it is said that heating is just a lie, a kind of illusion, a self-paralyzed and deception. People who love you will not choose to warm up with you, people who warm up with you may not love you. Love, need to be clear, need black and white, love is also accompanied by a responsibility, means paying. So don't love, please collect your warmth, don't play the guise of love, do warmth. Some people say that heating is a fourth type of emotion than a few friends, less than love. Therefore, many people in the city have chosen such a way to travel between reality and networks. He (she) is playing with you, whether it is a language, his eyes or actions, and it is full of warm atmosphere everywhere. But you can't be serious, can't be true, you can't think of the warmth as a love. Otherwise, you are a fool, it will be injured in the body that is unbearable, and the heart marks are tired. So, heating, in fact, it is just a game between adults, because it is a game, so participants should keep the rules of the game, once violated, they must be out of ruthless elimination. Because it is a game, there is no need to specialize, so you can still have a lot of people. According to the person, the person within a surrounding city is not qualified to say love, but if it is only "love", the warmth of the warmth is endless, then what is the difference between hanging dog meat? Love, you will clearly love the love, just the love of the big bright, don't love, let the warm away.


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