One of my topic articles - summary of variables

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One of my topic articles - summary of variables

Three articles were finally completed. It can be said that it will be completed on June 8. It is mainly due to the reason, busy, put it on the plate version, so the last article is late. There are a lot of arrows in my Word document, and the 9CBS blog does not support arrows, so it takes a lot of time to typeset. The reason why it is to be typically, it is a bit comfortable to see himself, so there is a mood look.

When I finished these three articles, I feel that I have got a big gain. In the process of writing these three articles, there are many information, and many of them have seen it before, only a little memory in my mind, but not understanding the meaning. It is easy to understand that the article is to understand, you must first understand it clearly.

These three articles are: 1. "This article" This article is written in detail by the internal nuclear source code "This article explained in detail the past and present. The main contents include: stack frame layout, register usage rules, variable transfer rules when the function call is called.

2. Where is your variable stored? "This article discusses detailed discussion from the storage area of ​​the container in memory from the perspective of the assembly code and symbolic table.

3. "Discussion on the question of Zhang Xiaoxiang C language test" was initially prepared to name this article as "in-depth variable" case "site", but see online in the process of "absolute test" Several questions of your C language skills ", so change the title of the article. This article conducted a deep discussion on the layout of the variable in the stack by assembly code.

It can be said that these three articles have discussed variables from different angles and different aspects. From the storage area of ​​the variable, the specific storage principle to the variable is in memory, and the variable transfer rules are discussed when the function calls. Of course, my knowledge is limited, it is not deeply understood to some knowledge points, so there will be no mistakes in the article. Welcome everyone to correct.


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