Cougaar learning --- installation articles

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When developing a cougaar application, you need to install a Couggar's Cougaar's running environment environment and Cougaar's IDE plug-in (Eclipse). First, the installation of the Cougaar running environment 1. Download a cougaar in the official site of Cougaar (currently I use the cougaar12_0jdk_5 version, Therefore, JDK1.5 is required first .2. After decompressing, there are four main ZIP (, files and others. Some files .3. Built a cougaar installation directory (such as: D: / java / dev / cougaar12), extract these four ZIP files to this directory. 4. Create a cougaar_install_path in the environment variable, make it point to just now The established Cougaar installation directory; and add% cougaar_install_path% / bin into the PATH variable.

Second, the installation of Cougaar Ide plug-in 1. Download Cougaaride file (I am using 2. The plugin is installed in the installation method of the traditional Eclipse plugin (unzipped to Eclipse installation directory can be).

Appendix: 1. Official Site of Cougaar:


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