General string expression compile run library Forcal v7.0 Introduction

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General string expression compile run library Forcal v7.0 Introduction

Forcal is a dynamic library that can compile compilation of characters. There are ,, *, /, ^,>,> =, <=, ==,> =, <=, ==,> = , &, |,!, , - etc, forcal has many programmable functions such as numerical calculation, logical operation, relationship, character data processing, process control, and function calls. Forcal saves and retrieves data information with multi-key string, you can save and retrieve any type of data, high storage efficiency, and high lookup efficiency. Forcal has many built-in basic functions (first-class functions and secondary functions), but you can use (C / C ), Delphi, Fortran and other compiler easy to expand these basic functions (secondary functions), you can make these functions to complete Different functions. Forcal supports three types of expressions, implement, and plural, you can use these expressions to design custom functions in Forcal. Forcal When calling an expanded or custom function, it is like a function that calls the built-in function. Forcal supports recursive calls for all functions, regardless of these functions are built-in, expanded or customized. Forcal When the function is called, both the transmitted value call is supported, and the address call (reference call) is supported. When using the latter mode, it can return more values ​​from the function. Forcal performs as much as possible to optimize the code, it is also very good, and the calculation speed of the primary function is approximately (C / C ) or FORTRAN speed, and the speed of the secondary function is slightly reduced. The Forcal Compilation System supports modular compilation, which is very helpful for design complex software projects. The Forcal Compile System can accurately position the location of the error, which is very convenient to exclude errors. Forcal outputs a dynamic library function with a Win32 standard function call mode (STDCALL call protocol), which can be used by C / C , VB, Delphi, Fortran and other programs. It is easy to expand for Forcal. There is only one output function for FORCALDLL (...), design and applications in the Forcal extended dynamic library. It can be designed with C / C , Delphi, Fortran and other languages.

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