H.264 Fast intra prediction algorithm

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Journal of Zhejiang University (Science Edition)> 33 Volume 2

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System Identification Number 275412 Article H.264 Fast Incidental Prediction Algorithm Particle 4 Fast Intra-Prediction Algorithm in H.264 Author Yang Li Bo Yang); Hui-ming Tang; HUA-GEN XU年 066-16-160, Chinese abstract, 33, 2006-160, Chinese abstract, inframed, intra prediction It is an important technology. It uses the surrounding pixels to predict the current block to reduce spatial redundancy, which greatly increases the encoding efficiency of H.264. However, there are nine and four modes of 4 × 4 and 16 × 16 predictions in intra prediction, respectively, and the full search algorithm requires great calculation. In order to reduce the complexity of intra prediction, a fast intra prediction algorithm is proposed. This algorithm is directed to the full I frame encoding, which takes advantage of the correlation between time domain, airspace, and different blocks to predict the best mode of the current block, and combine the advance abort algorithm to reduce unnecessary mode selection calculations. The experimental results show that the algorithm proposed in the article can reduce the amount of intra prediction calculation of 50% to 75% compared to full search, while maintaining image quality is almost unchanged. Intra-prediction is an important feature in the new H. 264 video coding standard. It predicts the current block with surrounding pixels to reduce the special redundancies and improves coding efficiency of H. 264 greatly. However, there are 9 and 4 candidate modes for 4 × 4 and 16 × 16 intra-prediction respectively. The full search algorithm used to select the best mode is computationally expensive. to reduce its complexity, a fast intra prediction al gorithm was proposed. Based on the all ⅰ-frame coding, it took advantage of the strong correlations in temporal domain, spatial domain and different block-sizes to predict the best mode of the current block. An early termination mechanism was further incorporated to avoid unnecessary computations when a good decision can be made in early stage. Experimental Results Chow That Computation, 50% ~ 45% Computational Load of the Intra Prediction While The Quality Degradation is negligible. Keyword video coding, intra prediction, fast algorithm, h .264 / JVT; Video Coding, Intra-Prediction, Fast Algorithm, H.264 / JVTCEPS Classification> Natural Science> Comprehensive Discipline> Application Science> Comprehensive Social Sector> Medical and Life Sciences> Comprehensive


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