Mature people with a 24-year-old girl's wonderful white [recommended]

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candlelight dinner. On the table, sitting on men and women. "I like you." The woman stunned with the wine glass while playing with his hands. "I have a wife." The man touched the ring on his hand. "I don't care, I just want to know, your feelings. You, like me?" The expected answer. Man lifting his head and taking the opposite woman. 24 years old, young, volatile, quite good age. White skin, vibrant body, a pair of bright, talking eyes. It's a good girl, but unfortunately. "If you like me too, I don't mind let your lover." Women finally wore, and added a sentence. "I love my wife." The man is determined to answer. "Do you love her? What do you love? Now she should have been old, I can't see it. Otherwise, the company's dinner, how never see you take her ..." Woman still wants to continue, can touch men After the cold eyes, it dispels the idea. "What do you like me?" The man opened. "Mature, steady, action behavior is very man taste, know how much care, there are many. Anyway, different people I have seen before. You are very special." "You know me three years ago, what?" Men Smoke. "I don't know. I don't care, even if you are too difficult." "Three years ago, I am the ordinary men in your eyes." The man didn't pay attention to women and continue. "Popular college graduates, work is not smooth, drinking all day, tempering me, hurting the girlfriend, relying on ** to vent your own desires. I have to find a lady in the night, I was caught." " How? "The woman is interested, I want to know what it is, let the man shift. "Because she?" "Well." "Her person, it seems to be able to see the innerness of things. Teach me a lot of things, let me don't pay too much gains; don't care too much; let me try to treat people And good. At that time, I was like a child who was less than something. Maybe I feel, I feel almost my feelings about me. At that time, I was really strange, I am tougent, just listen to her. Press her. , Acceptance reality, know that you are useless, work hard. At the end of that year, work, we have a slight improvement, we are married. "Men played the smoke, and continued. "At that time, it was really bitter. Two people, a bed, home furniture, and less pitiful. Do you know? I bought her first diamond ring for more than half a year. Of course, it is back to save. If she knows, it is definitely not letting. "" "That time, the smoke and alcohol made the body bad. In the winter, she will give me soup before going to bed every night." That taste, only she did it. "The man is intoxicated in the memories, forgetting time, just talking about the past. And the woman, also did not disturb, quietly listening quietly. Waiting for men to pay attention to time, it is 10 o'clock in the evening. "Ah, I am sorry, I don't pay attention to time, it is so late." The man smiled. "Now, can you understand? I am impossible, I will not be sorry for her." "" Ah, people who lost it to this hammer, the heart is orally. "Woman shook his head helplessly shook his head. "But I am at her age, will be better." "Well. Then you can find a better man. Isn't it? I am very late, the soup of the family is cold, I will send you back.


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