A mature relationship must pass four stages

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A psychologist wrote that a mature saying that the true love must be four phases, that is, the CODEPENDENT, the interdependent phase is converted, the required Time is not necessarily, it is easy.

The first stage: coexist. This is a period of love, and if you always want to be tired of Wan. The second stage: anti-dependence. After the emotion is stable, at least one thing will have a little bit of his time to do what you want to do. At this time, the other will feel cold. The third stage: independence. This is the continuation of the second phase and requires more independent autonomous time. The fourth stage: symbiosis. At this time, the new way is already formed, and he (her) he (she) has become your (妳) the most pro. You support each other together and create your own life. You will not be tied with each other together, and will grow each other. However, most people pass the second or third phases, and choose breakup, this is a pity. Many things will be fine if they don't work hard, don't play personality, don't think too much to trust each other, so that the second and third phases will be shortened. It is very difficult to meet in love with the people who love, don't give up. Both people gathered because of their own, knowing is because of their heart, really cherish this blessing, it is not unreasonable, I hope to see the above four stages, I can really give you some insights and comprehension and I will gradually change. People we love. He didn't have the same thing, the appearance was not similar, the character is also the same as the north. Once you fall in love with it, you will be a little bit like his eyes, and his smile is also a smile. The pace of your walk is also a bit similar, and the tone of speaking is also increasingly like. There is a sputum on his neck. One day, I found a lot of mole on my neck. It turns out that we will become the people we love. I could have a big man who likes the earth, and he has always been relatively light, but you love it, he will not know that it will become an old man, this change, even himself did not know. He had likes a lively girl, but he fell in love with the carast, these days, he was more and more lively, and he almost could not recognize himself. We will gradually become an ideal person in the other party, this change is absolutely not deliberate. The two people have a long time, and the temperament is getting more and more similar. Once I thought he was not a type of dream, but one day, I was surprised to find that he has become the type of favorite, you don't have to Looking around, he is what you want to find. When I love a person, I really lost myself a little bit, why will you feel happy? It is probably because of the loss, it is also earned, you earn his temperament and his smile .. Happiness is very simple ... so you have to get very simple talent ..... Dear my dear Friends sharing


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