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The .NET Framework

.NET Framework can be said to be a big collection of many technologies: language, contain, C #, VB.NET (transition VB6 from structured language into object-oriented language), (service segment version of JavaScript), J # (engraving Java Long), there is also an extension of C . [Microsoft really cattle]

2.CLR, public language runtime, is the basis of all .NET programs, and provide a good operating environment for .NET programs.

3..NET Framework Category Gallery: Provides convenient objects, data, methods, etc. for writing programs.

4.ASP.NET :Web application and web services foundation.

5.VS Tools: Integrated a lot of features rich tools makes it easier to operate, and write more easily.

In short, .NET brings many unprecedented new technologies.


This book is the preferred language using Microsoft .NET language, C # language. C # is a new language similar to Java, C , but not directly transplant from them.

VB.NET and VB6 are essentially different. He is not an upgrade of VB6, but it is completely VB6 reform, which is similar to VB6 in grammar, but in use and content, this is doing this, It is for the convenience of the previous VB6 developer.

C # is very similar to VB.Net, even in grammar, their code can also be interchangeable, they use the same CLR, anyone learns one of the languages, you can learn another kind, but It is just a grammar. All in all, C # and VB.NET are the practical and popular languages ​​of the next-generation web application.

The intermediate language

All code written in the .NET language will be compiled into an intermediate language when compiling. This is probably the so-called public language. This public language will be compiled into an executable code and execute it when executed. C # The written language cannot be compiled directly by the CLR, and the CLR can only compile and run the intermediate language.

Other .net languages

Using other languages ​​can also build the ASP.NET web application, and even use the third parties to support .NET language, but these languages ​​may not be well supported by VS, so using C # and VB.NET is developing Web The first choice for the application.

THE Common Language Runtime

The CLR has the essence of the previous runtime. In addition to the basic functions of the previous runtime, CLR has to provide operational space, code security, garbage collection and other services. I want to be specific, I don't need to understand. Here, it is possible to understand the following.

The .NET Class Library

The .NET class library is very similar to Java package. It can be said to be a rewind. The benefit of this is to make the program's writing can be clearer. Can you directly point out which object of which type library, some types are specially for Windows desktop applications The program is prepared, which cannot be used for web development, and some classes are specially prepared for ASP.NET and can only be used for web development.

Visual Studio

Vs provides a rich development environment, providing page design, automatic lookup, debugging tools, intelligent lookup methods, data, etc., and some help.

.NET 2.0

.NET2.0 is a very good development platform that uses C # 2.0 on this platform to develop ASP.NET2.0 programs is a great choice, plus, the development environment of VS 2005, which constitutes a perfect Development system.

Summary: This article and the previous one have nothing about the actual application content, but it can be seen that the author's discussion is very detailed, I think these are roughly understanding, don't need to master what, also There is nothing to master. As long as it is a description of the necessity of the language C # used to develop, because any language can be used as a development tool, it is simplified, and the essence of its operation is the same.

Development environment: VS2005

Development Language: C # 2.0 Development Category Library: .NET CLASS LIBRARY

Development platform: .NET

After the completion of development: Source code -> Intermediate language (form of DLL or EXE) -> Run Environment (CLR). Come support!


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