No mind

xiaoxiao2021-04-10  418

There is still a week to leave school, but I lost my meal card yesterday, I feel that I don't have any mind. However, I still don't have to lose, I don't know what my own mentality, although there is more than 20 pieces of the money in the card, but I feel that I am not good in this regard, such as the library borrowed. Overpage, and I don't have to go back, I always think about how much money is fined, I always see a lot of classmates who are fingers the finger to the last day, but I never do this. And today I found that my laboratory's classmates told me to the squad leader, but I forgot, I didn't know when it was. I hope that I don't want to be so proud in my work, and I will do my job first. Should give yourself a plan, then do it very resolutely! In fact, write blogs is also a plan that makes me often go to my own plan, so that I have to develop a habit of writing blogs in the future.

What kind of idea I am looking for today? Still very old suit to do an e-commerce website? Still write a free download resource, such as the ring tones, MMS, etc.


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