If you don't meet you [Prose]

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"People who have encountered in the right time are a kind of happiness. People who have encountered the wrong time is a sadness. People encountered in the wrong time are a sigh. I am wrong. The person who has encountered the wrong time is a helpless. "Friends sent such a text message. It is wrong, and the warmth is self-knowledge. Friends are sunny, which is wrong in the time. In the age of 25, she took a good year of marriage, she thought this is a fairy tale. The perfect story. Lang Tiyong woman, the portal is pair, only the Green Mihuma. Unfortunately, there is a difference here. In front of her husband after marriage, Qing finally knew that the original girlfriend was committed to his ex-girlfriend. It was not married so far, and the two still have time, this is before marriage. What she can't tell me. Qing feels that her marriage is a timed bomb. But she love her husband, as the woman has not been married to love him. Sunny is slowly withered in this marriage battle, he is still maintaining, she needs everyone to envy the eyes, it is necessary to position the marriage in the society, even if you use tears to soak memories, use deep feelings to change. Sunny sometimes tell me, if you don't meet him ... I am very heartache, if you don't meet you, even if there is no colorful memory, I will prefer to keep a flat, even if there is no luxury home car, I will prefer A truth. However, even if he really met him, not you, whoever guarantees, people who will encounter the right time. The wrong thing in love is wrong, but it is just a relative pair. Cry in sunny, can this? Who is this wrong? It is a fate, or I love people. What will the girl regret? We grievances, hate yourself did not polish your eyes, but when love coming, the shock it brought, the temptation, how many people avoid it? I love people, we just cry over fate, but how long will time will return, return to the old day time, choose someone you love and love yourself again? If you don't meet you, just a fairy tale, just a wish, just an excuse of love failure, but our heart is stabbed by it. Compared with the fate of the marriage, there is still a more tragedy compared to the fate of the marriage. The impression is a girl in a personality, and it is not expected. She paid all my own, money, body, 100% feelings, she was indulging in love, she didn't dare to expect love, actually so vigorous. Then, he was completely worshiped by her boyfriend, who had loved, once silent, and later started smoking, alcoholism, gaming life. The scorpion of the text once rarely had glory. Only when she mentioned her boyfriend, her eyes jumped out of a moment of sparkling sparks, then hilarious, dull. She is ill, it is a depression in the top ten killers of the contemporary youth. Fortunately, most of us did not become a tragedy because of his missed him. Just perhaps under a mottled tree, a sunset at dusk, a song of a song, hooked the most soft memories of our hearts, and there is an emergence in life, even if this love has been hurt Thousands of holes, we are still a day of collections, let the memories no longer have pain, only love the hand gently touch the brand's brand. If you don't meet you, life may not be so rich, if you don't meet you, your life continues ..


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