Software company performance management and internal consumption

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Persons: Today's 9CBS is a news about Microsoft Vista, address: The original article is as follows: Microsoft manager exposed Vista delay insider's original date is not actually on June 16th news, according to foreign report, Microsoft program manager Philip Su said in this Thursday blog said that the new generation of operating system Windows Vista has been delayed, Mainly because of two reasons: First, the system code is too complicated, and the other is the company's corporate culture. According to TechWeb, Philip Su has worked in the Windows department for five years. He wrote in the blog. The Vista system code was very complicated. The re-three delay is inevitable. Su said that Vista has at least 50 independent "layers", and he only understands the 2nd floors during these five years. It is reported that Vista has 50 million lines of code. Under normal circumstances, a Windows developer can write 1000 lines each year. Microsoft is currently from 9,000 developers to turn around Vista. However, it can be calculated that there is still difficult to complete 50 million row code. According to the original plan, Windows Vista should be listed in November this year. However, Microsoft announced in March this year that Vista Enterprise Edition will be listed in November this year, and personal version will be available in January next year. On June 7, Windows Vista Beta 2 has entered the beta stage. The above news is mostly concerned: "Under normal circumstances, a Windows developer can write 1000 lines every year," It's so scared, and Microsoft's employee work is so leisure. Write 1000 lines one year.

I have doubts, hurry up to Google's BlogSearch, find the original text, I found not that, original blog address:'s See if, quantitatively, there's any truth to the perception that the code velocity (net lines shipped per developer-year) of Windows has slowed, or is slow relative to the industry. Vista is said to have over 50 million lines of code, whereas XP was said to have around 40 million. there are about two thousand software developers in Windows today. Assuming there are 5 years between when XP shipped and when Vista ships, those quick on the draw with calculators will discover that, on average, the typical Windows developer has produced one thousand new lines of shipped code per year during Vista. Only a thousand lines a year. (Yes, developers do not just write new code, they also fix old code. Yes, some of those Windows developers were partly busy SHIPPING 64-BIT XP. YES, MANY OF THEM ALSO WORKED ON HotFixes. Work with Me Here.) LEST THOSE OF You Wrote 5,000 Line s of code last weekend pass a kidney stone at the thought of Windows developers writing only a thousand lines of code a year, realize that the average software developer in the US only produces around (brace yourself) 6200 lines a year. So Windows is in bad shape - but only by a constant, not by an order of magnitude And if it makes you feel any better, realize that the average US developer has fallen in KLOC productivity since 1999, when they produced about 9000 lines a year So.. Windows isn't alone in this.

Only I realized that people's blog said clearly, but the editor of news in order to attract eye. But let me think of the Dongdong's internal management of the software company. 1. Software personnel performance management. I don't know how many companies still use the code line to calculate productive forces. I think that I can only explain this: The company has no way to organize effective performance management. Performance appraisal should be: the time required for the technical complexity (OT time must be counted) weighted adjustment, 3 to assess. The complexity of the business often leads to the complexity of technology, and the two engineers of A and B have completed different projects in the same time, and the complexity of A is higher than the complexity of B. Then A performance should be higher than B. However, the actual situation is often not the case, the more time the complexity needs it takes more time (of course, if someone can complete it quickly, the considerable experience before the accumulation can be quickly analyzed or is very familiar with this business itself. The time required to do work is required to do reasonable evaluation: 10 days, 1 month or more, a project that requires 1 month can be completed for 1.5 months, then the test performance needs to be reduced. Have a visitor: You are sitting and talking without back pain. Technical complexity and time assessment is so easy to do, the human factors can make the whole performance management across. This look is really told that the technical complexity is really difficult to estimate that an excellent architect may feel that the complexity of B is a complexity of the complexity, which may be A in an eye of an ordinary engineer. Time assessment is not good, and the old employees can understand the needs of the business and system, and to understand the needs of the company's internal resources (self-study or similar colleagues to learn), they only need 2 weeks. Task, for a new employee, it may take 1 month. Such a situation will make the actual performance management a mess. We need to reduce the differences between the two as possible to assess the differences between different team members, and this means uses statistical methods case method: turn all the tasks to re-assess statistics. Members of the participating statistics have been covered by wide as possible, so they can get a relatively reasonable evaluation value, for the new task, similar to the UK case method, with reference to the old-made items given. (Of course, this value is reasonable or not in the statistics of the statistics) In addition, there is a statistical coverage time. Software technology is updated quickly. It usually uses new technical frameworks to improve work (for example: using WebWork Spring Hibernate and The WebWork Spring Hibernate has done the same time, the time is different). For complexity, it is possible to reduce the complexity of the private platform with new technology framework companies. This is why I don't have to use "business complexity" and use "technical complexity". On this basis, add a weighted adjustment. It is theoretically better to do performance management (it is hard to talk about the actual situation, and everyone knows what is going on). Actual work, due to such a high cost, it is not practical for small businesses and project-oriented companies, or not, or the grass is completed. 2. Software company's internal consumption is a teamwork, and each developer's work requires other colleagues to assist. The internal consumption here is this, including knowledge transfer, work delivery, and work delegation. For the company, I hope to try to control internal consumption to improve competitiveness. But this kind of thing is often not pleased! Knowledge delivery. The most traditional is the documentation, and the same most reliable is also a document. The person who writes a document is also laborious.


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